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Definition of Anna


  1. An East Indian money of account, the sixteenth of a rupee, or about 2 cents.

Anna Quotations

Father asked us what was God's noblest work. Anna said men, but I said babies. Men are often bad, but babies never are.
Louisa May Alcott

People have quite a simple idea about 'Anna Karenina.' They feel that the novel is entirely about a young married woman who falls in love with a cavalry officer and leaves her husband after much agony, and pays the price for that.
Tom Stoppard

I'm Anna Paquin. I'm bisexual and I give a damn.
Anna Paquin

I think Anna and the King is a look at Asia from the Asian perspective, reflecting the Asian experience, which is very rare.
Jodie Foster

Anna Wintour is the most powerful woman in the global fashion industry, the first lady of fashion. She's a politician; I'm a stylist. They are two very different jobs.
Carine Roitfeld
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