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Definition of Ankle


  1. The joint which connects the foot with the leg; the tarsus.

Ankle Quotations

In the summer I wear shorts with a bright top and ankle boots or just sandals. I'll add a nice scarf, maybe a hat, some cool sunglasses. It's all about the accessories.
Alessandra Ambrosio

No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck.
Frederick Douglass

I've played with IVs before, during and after games. I've played with a broken hand, a sprained ankle, a torn shoulder, a fractured tooth, a severed lip, and a knee the size of a softball. I don't miss 15 games because of a toe injury that everybody knows wasn't that serious in the first place.
Kobe Bryant

People say that if you find water rising up to your ankle, that's the time to do something about it, not when it's around your neck.
Chinua Achebe

I don't want to live life too cautiously. I mean, you can step off a curb and twist your ankle.
Rickie Fowler
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Ankle Translations

ankle in Danish is ankel
ankle in Dutch is enkel
ankle in French is cheville
ankle in Hungarian is boka
ankle in Italian is nocca
ankle in Norwegian is ankel
ankle in Portuguese is tornozelo
ankle in Spanish is tobillo
ankle in Swedish is ankel, fotled
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