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Definition of Amplification


  1. The act of amplifying or enlarging in dimensions; enlargement; extension.
  2. The enlarging of a simple statement by particularity of description, the use of epithets, etc., for rhetorical effect; diffuse narrative or description, or a dilating upon all the particulars of a subject.
  3. The matter by which a statement is amplified; as, the subject was presented without amplifications.

Amplification Quotations

Rock music is electronic music, dependent entirely on electronic circuitry and amplification.
John Frusciante

I play a percussion instrument, not a musical saw; it needs no amplification. Where it's needed, they put a microphone in front of the bass drum. But, I don't think it's necessary to play that way every night.
Buddy Rich

Yeah, look, I think what we have with the social media and the digital media, and all the telecommunications we have today is a big megaphone, amplification.
Mike DeWine

Most electronic equipment uses the principle of amplification. You need filters, modulators and mixing equipment which have gain stages. By piling these components up, I was able to work without any sound generators and I made several pieces in that manner.
David Tudor

I attach the greatest importance to an amplification of the peace efforts in the Middle East. I would also like to see a greater dialogue between the U.S. and the EU.
Francois Hollande
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