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Definition of Amount


  1. To go up; to ascend.
  2. To rise or reach by an accumulation of particular sums or quantities; to come (to) in the aggregate or whole; -- with to or unto.
  3. To rise, reach, or extend in effect, substance, or influence; to be equivalent; to come practically (to); as, the testimony amounts to very little.
  4. To signify; to amount to.
  5. The sum total of two or more sums or quantities; the aggregate; the whole quantity; a totality; as, the amount of 7 and 9 is 16; the amount of a bill; the amount of this year's revenue.
  6. The effect, substance, value, significance, or result; the sum; as, the amount of the testimony is this.
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Amount Translations

amount in Afrikaans is aantal, bedrag
amount in Dutch is tal, aantal, getal
amount in Finnish is summa
amount in French is nombre, somme, montant
amount in German is Betrag, Betrag, gelesene/Betrag, Summe
amount in Italian is importo
amount in Portuguese is uma quantidade
amount in Swedish is antal, summa, belopp