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Definition of Americanism


  1. Attachment to the United States.
  2. A custom peculiar to the United States or to America; an American characteristic or idea.
  3. A word or phrase peculiar to the United States.

Americanism Quotations

What I'm trying to do is get this message out about self-empowerment, entrepreneurial spirit and true Americanism - the way we were when we changed the world, when Edison was alone, failing his 2,000th time on the lightbulb.
Glenn Beck

McCarthyism is Americanism with its sleeves rolled.
Joseph R. McCarthy

Americanism demands loyalty to the teacher and respect for his lesson.
Bainbridge Colby

Every president to hold office has espoused some version of Americanism - the truths that we hold self-evident, even when those truths are not always in evidence. But for all their grand rhetoric and mostly good deeds, none was able to seal the deal on the trifecta of equality, plurality and socioeconomic ascendancy. Obama has.
John Ridley

Americanism is not a matter of skin or color.
Daniel Inouye
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Americanism Translations

americanism in Spanish is americanismo

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