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Definition of Amend


  1. To change or modify in any way for the better
  2. by simply removing what is erroneous, corrupt, superfluous, faulty, and the like;
  3. by supplying deficiencies;
  4. by substituting something else in the place of what is removed; to rectify.
  5. To grow better by rectifying something wrong in manners or morals; to improve.

Amend Quotations

The duty of man is the same in respect to his own nature as in respect to the nature of all other things, namely not to follow it but to amend it.
John Stuart Mill

I opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. It should be repealed and I will vote for its repeal on the Senate floor. I will also oppose any proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying.
Barack Obama

No Congress ever has seen fit to amend the Constitution to address any issue related to marriage. No Constitutional Amendment was needed to ban polygamy or bigamy, nor was a Constitutional Amendment needed to set a uniform age of majority to ban child marriages.
Judy Biggert

Gladly we desire to make other men perfect, but we will not amend our own fault.
Thomas a Kempis

The nativism behind the push to repeal or amend the Fourteenth is ugly and obvious.
Eric Liu
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Amend Translations

amend in Italian is variare, perfezionare
amend in Spanish is corregir, enmendar, modificar
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