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Definition of Agonize


  1. To writhe with agony; to suffer violent anguish.
  2. To struggle; to wrestle; to strive desperately.
  3. To cause to suffer agony; to subject to extreme pain; to torture.

Agonize Quotations

There is something at work that's bigger than us. It's about having a trust in life and being at peace that things are happening the way they should. You do what you do as well as you can do it, and then you don't worry or agonize about the outcome.
Sherilyn Fenn

The more decisions you make, the better, statistically, your odds of success are. And what I also learned was, it doesn't matter: anything can be fixed. When you're directing, you can agonize, but you can't indulge. Stuff has to happen.
Tony Goldwyn

I've seen rock stars agonize over the fact that another artist has far more Facebook 'likes' and Twitter followers than they do.
Neil Strauss

I'm a pretty decent writer. It comes easy to me. I don't agonize over sentences. I write like I talk. I try to make them good books.
Anthony Bourdain

Good physicians are rarely dispassionate. They agonize and self-doubt over patients.
Siddhartha Mukherjee
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Agonize Translations

agonize in French is martyriser
agonize in Italian is martirizzare
agonize in Spanish is agonizar, afanar
agonize in Swedish is pina
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