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Definition of Agitate


  1. To move with a violent, irregular action; as, the wind agitates the sea; to agitate water in a vessel.
  2. To move or actuate.
  3. To stir up; to disturb or excite; to perturb; as, he was greatly agitated.
  4. To discuss with great earnestness; to debate; as, a controversy hotly agitated.
  5. To revolve in the mind, or view in all its aspects; to contrive busily; to devise; to plot; as, politicians agitate desperate designs.
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Agitate Translations

agitate in Dutch is agiteren, opruien, ophitsen, opstoken
agitate in Finnish is kiihottaa
agitate in Latin is permoveo, concutio
agitate in Portuguese is agite
agitate in Spanish is agitar, debatir