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Definition of Agility


  1. The quality of being agile; the power of moving the limbs quickly and easily; nimbleness; activity; quickness of motion; as, strength and agility of body.
  2. Activity; powerful agency.

Agility Quotations

'Swan Lake' is the most difficult thing to portray for a female ballet dancer; it really requires such specific qualities of articulation, agility, strength, and the arm work is something that takes a lot of training.
Benjamin Millepied

As an athlete, I used my speed, agility and quickness to go out and play against the big guys.
Michael Chang

Irony is a clear consciousness of an eternal agility, of the infinitely abundant chaos.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

I couldn't have been a great goalkeeper without power, agility and quickness.
Hope Solo

Foreign policy will require a strategic agility that, whenever possible, gets ahead of problems, strengthens U.S. security and alliances, and promotes American interests and credibility.
Chuck Hagel
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Agility Translations

agility in German is Lebendigkeit, Behendigkeit
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