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Definition of Aggressor


  1. The person who first attacks or makes an aggression; he who begins hostility or a quarrel; an assailant.

Aggressor Quotations

Libertarians regard the state as the Supreme, the eternal, the best organized aggressor against the persons and property of the mass of the public. All states everywhere, whether democratic, dictatorial, or monarchical, whether red, white, blue or brown.
Murray Rothbard

In the clashes between ignorance and intelligence, ignorance is generally the aggressor.
Paul Harris

Israel cannot afford to stand against the entire world and be denounced as the aggressor.
Moshe Dayan

History laughs at both the victim and the aggressor.
Mahmoud Darwish

In that wide struggle which we call Progress, evil is always the aggressor and the vanquished, and it is right that this should be so, for without its onslaughts and depredations humanity might fall to a fat slumber upon its cornsacks and die snoring.
James Stephens
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Aggressor Translations

aggressor in Dutch is aanvaller
aggressor in French is agresseur
aggressor in German is Angreifer {m}
aggressor in Portuguese is agressor
aggressor in Spanish is agresor, atacador
aggressor in Swedish is angripare
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