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Definition of Aggravating


  1. of Aggravate
  2. Making worse or more heinous; as, aggravating circumstances.
  3. Exasperating; provoking; irritating.

Aggravating Quotations

Nothing is so aggravating than calmness.
Oscar Wilde

That's an aspect of this business which can be very frustrating and aggravating. Most of what is written about you is wrong and so much of what does get printed is often about personal things that you don't want to have other people read about.
Winona Ryder

While the coach is entitled to celebrate the team's victories, there is a manner and a way of doing so without aggravating the opponent.
Diego Maradona

Man is subject to innumerable pains and sorrows by the very condition of humanity, and yet, as if nature had not sown evils enough in life, we are continually adding grief to grief and aggravating the common calamity by our cruel treatment of one another.
Joseph Addison

I always found the appeal to the market gods a bit odd. Why would the market fix mistakes instead of aggravating them?
Dan Ariely
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Aggravating Translations

aggravating in French is aggravant
aggravating in German is gravierend, erschwerend, erschwerend
aggravating in Spanish is agravante
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