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Definition of Afghan


  1. Of or pertaining to Afghanistan.
  2. A native of Afghanistan.
  3. A kind of worsted blanket or wrap.

Afghan Quotations

As the country now turns a new leaf, our ambition is to give hope to each and every Afghan.
Hamid Karzai

We all hoped in 2001 that we could put in place an Afghan government under President Karzai that would be able to control the country, make sure al-Qaeda didn't come back, and make sure the Taliban wasn't resurging. It didn't work out.
Colin Powell

We've got to see a state where the Afghan government can handle its own day-to-day security.
Stephen Harper

The fact is that Iran doesn't want to see the Taliban come back any more than do most Afghan citizens.
David Petraeus

If American forces leave Afghanistan, the Taliban is going to do what to America? Don't say you're worried about what they will do to the Afghan people. If that was America's concern, America's operational presence there would be much different.
Henry Rollins
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Afghan Translations

afghan in Afrikaans is Afghaan
afghan in Dutch is Afghaans
afghan in French is afghan
afghan in Spanish is afgano
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