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Definition of Adversities


  1. of Adversity

Adversities Quotations

The keenest sorrow is to recognize ourselves as the sole cause of all our adversities.

Much that we call evil is really good in disguises; and we should not quarrel rashly with adversities not yet understood, nor overlook the mercies often bound up in them.
Horace Mann

A society that does not correctly interpret and appreciate its past cannot understand its present fortunes and adversities and can be caught unawares in a fast changing world.
Ibrahim Babangida

Adversities such as being homeless and going to prison has made many people stronger.
Philip Emeagwali

I was raised never to carp about things and never to moan, because in vaudeville, which is my background, you just got on with it through all kinds of adversities.
Julie Andrews
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Adversities Translations

adversities in German is Missgeschicke

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