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Definition of Adhering


  1. of Adhere

Adhering Quotations

Democracy is not just constitutional and legislative rules; it is a culture and practice and adhering by the law and respecting international human rights principles.
Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

A country's adhering to the rule of law does not mean that its citizens will not do bad things.
James Inhofe

Men of integrity are generally pretty obstinate, in adhering to an opinion once adopted.
William Cobbett

For me, it's really day to day. I don't really plan ahead and I like to be excited about what I'm wearing. Being on the road all the time, it's various articles of clothing that keep me inspired and feeling good. A fun or beautiful thing to wear can change your day. I think spontaneity and not adhering to any narrow styles keep me happy.
Victoria Legrand

Adhering to budgeting rules shouldn't trump good decision-making.
Emily Oster
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Adhering Translations

adhering in German is haftend
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