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Definition of Abrupt


  1. Broken off; very steep, or craggy, as rocks, precipices, banks; precipitous; steep; as, abrupt places.
  2. Without notice to prepare the mind for the event; sudden; hasty; unceremonious.
  3. Having sudden transitions from one subject to another; unconnected.
  4. Suddenly terminating, as if cut off.
  5. An abrupt place.
  6. To tear off or asunder.
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Abrupt Translations

abrupt in Danish is stejl, pludselig
abrupt in Dutch is kortaf, bruusk, abrupt, bot, steil
abrupt in Italian is rapido
abrupt in Norwegian is bratt, plutselig
abrupt in Portuguese is abrupto
abrupt in Spanish is brusco, abrupto, escarpado, brusco, precipitado