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Definition of Aboriginal


  1. First; original; indigenous; primitive; native; as, the aboriginal tribes of America.
  2. Of or pertaining to aborigines; as, a Hindoo of aboriginal blood.
  3. An original inhabitant of any land; one of the aborigines.
  4. An animal or a plant native to the region.

Aboriginal Quotations

We owe the Aboriginal peoples a debt that is four centuries old. It is their turn to become full partners in developing an even greater Canada. And the reconciliation required may be less a matter of legal texts than of attitudes of the heart.
Romeo LeBlanc

My dad taught me from my youngest childhood memories through these connections with Aboriginal and tribal people that you must always protect people's sacred status, regardless of the past.
Steve Irwin

Some people think that there aren't many Aboriginal actors around, and if there are, they're not that good. It's stupid. There's such an incredible pool of talent out there, and they're still coming out of drama schools. People just need to take a leap of faith.
Deborah Mailman

I've never been one to bow down to people who try to question my identity because I don't fit their mould of what an Aboriginal Australian is supposed to be or look like.
Shari Sebbens

My mum's from Broome, so I'm a saltwater person - Aboriginal people are either freshwater, saltwater or desert mob. So I always feel much more comfortable in close proximity to the beach, even if I'm not necessarily in the water.
Shari Sebbens
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Aboriginal Translations

aboriginal in Afrikaans is inheems, oorspronklik, binnelands
aboriginal in Danish is oprindelig
aboriginal in Dutch is inboorling
aboriginal in German is einheimisch, eingeboren
aboriginal in Norwegian is opprinnelig
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