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Definition of Able


  1. Fit; adapted; suitable.
  2. Having sufficient power, strength, force, skill, means, or resources of any kind to accomplish the object; possessed of qualifications rendering competent for some end; competent; qualified; capable; as, an able workman, soldier, seaman, a man able to work; a mind able to reason; a person able to be generous; able to endure pain; able to play on a piano.
  3. Specially: Having intellectual qualifications, or strong mental powers; showing ability or skill; talented; clever; powerful; as, the ablest man in the senate; an able speech.
  4. Legally qualified; possessed of legal competence; as, able to inherit or devise property.
  5. To make able; to enable; to strengthen.
  6. To vouch for.
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Able Translations

able in Afrikaans is geskoolde
able in Danish is dygtig
able in Dutch is capabel, kundig, bekwaam
able in Italian is adatto, capace, in grado, idoneo, abile
able in Latin is polleo, validus, potens, ingeniosus
able in Norwegian is dyktig
able in Portuguese is capaz
able in Spanish is apto, capaz, susceptible
able in Swedish is duktig, skicklig, kunnig