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Definition of Abbey


  1. A monastery or society of persons of either sex, secluded from the world and devoted to religion and celibacy; also, the monastic building or buildings.
  2. The church of a monastery.

Abbey Quotations

I am a huge 'Downton Abbey' fan - huge!
Joan Rivers

The second side of Abbey Road is my favorite.
Ringo Starr

Sometimes I like to watch TV, though I never get to watch any of the shows in real time. I'm a fan of 'Downton Abbey,' 'Boardwalk Empire,' and 'Boss.' There's a British series called 'Luther,' but in England, they think a series means four episodes. And I like 'Mad Men.' Otherwise, it's always good to unwind with a book.
L'Wren Scott

On a very gloomy dismal day, just such a one as it ought to be, I went to see Westminster Abbey.
Karl Philipp Moritz

Labor, under their current leadership, want to be the Downtown Abbey party when it comes to educational opportunity. They think working class children should stick to the station in life they were born into - they should be happy to be recognized for being good with their hands and not presume to get above themselves.
Michael Gove
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Abbey Translations

abbey in Danish is abbedi
abbey in Dutch is abdij
abbey in French is abbaye
abbey in German is Abtei {f}
abbey in Latin is monasterium, abbatia
abbey in Norwegian is abbedi
abbey in Portuguese is abadia
abbey in Swedish is kloster
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