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Quotes by 'W' Authors

Author Profession
John C. White Politician
Julie White Actress
Kelli White Athlete
Mark White Musician
Meg White Musician
Michael Jai White Actor
Mike White Writer
Miles D. White Businessman
Minor White Photographer
Patrick White Author
Paul Dudley White Scientist
Pearl White Musician
Randy Wayne White Writer
Reggie White Athlete
Ron White Comedian
Ryan White Celebrity
Shaun White Athlete
T. H. White Writer
Theodore White Journalist
Timothy White Critic
Vanna White Celebrity
Wayne White -
William Allen White Editor
George Whitefield Clergyman
Jack Whitehall Comedian
Alfred North Whitehead Mathematician
Colson Whitehead Novelist
Mary Beth Whitehead Celebrity
William Whitehead Poet
Katharine Whitehorn Journalist
Mary Whitehouse Activist
Sheldon Whitehouse Politician
William Whitelaw Politician
Paul Whiteman Celebrity
George M. Whitesides Scientist
Andy Whitfield Actor
June Whitfield Actress
Bradley Whitford Actor
John Whiting Actor
Margaret Whiting Musician
Gough Whitlam Statesman
Kym Whitley Actress
Christine Todd Whitman Politician
Mae Whitman Actress
Meg Whitman Businesswoman
Walt Whitman Poet
Eli Whitney Inventor
John Hay Whitney Publisher
Meredith Whitney Businesswoman
Orson F. Whitney Clergyman
Lee Whitnum Writer
Jack Whittaker Celebrity
Jodie Whittaker Actress
John Greenleaf Whittier Poet
Chris Whittle Businessman
Frank Whittle Inventor
Ricky Whittle Actor
Charlotte Whitton Politician
Betty Who Musician
Benjamin Whorf Scientist
Edward Whymper Explorer
David Whyte Poet
Roger Wicker Politician
Anna Wickham Poet
Sue Wicks Athlete
Edith Widder Scientist
Richard Widmark Actor
Michelle Wie Athlete
Jordyn Wieber Athlete
Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann Model
Jane Wiedlin Musician
Christoph Martin Wieland Poet
Norbert Wiener Mathematician
Elie Wiesel Novelist
Leon Wieseltier Writer
Simon Wiesenthal Activist
Dianne Wiest Actress
Willard Wigan Sculptor
Laura Slade Wiggins Actress
Marianne Wiggins Author
Susan Wiggs Author
Mary Wigman Dancer
Gin Wigmore Musician
Eugene Wigner Physicist
Kristen Wiig Actress
John Wilbanks Businessman
Ken Wilber Philosopher
William Wilberforce Politician
Michael Wilbon Journalist
Richard Wilbur Poet
David Wilcock Author
Carlos Wilcox Poet
Ella Wheeler Wilcox Writer
Larry Wilcox Actor
Jack Wild Actor
Jonathan Wild Criminal
Cornel Wilde Actor
Kim Wilde Musician
Olivia Wilde Actress
Oscar Wilde Dramatist
Stuart Wilde Author
Billy Wilder Director
Douglas Wilder Politician
Gene Wilder Actor
Laura Ingalls Wilder Author
Thornton Wilder Novelist
Michael Wilding Actor
Tristan Wilds Actor
Andrew Wiles Mathematician
Jason Wiles Actor
William Wiley Soldier
Kaiser Wilhelm Statesman
Jud Wilhite Clergyman
Lenny Wilkens Athlete
David Wilkerson Clergyman
Isabel Wilkerson Journalist
John Wilkes Journalist
Wendell Wilkie Lawyer
Dominique Wilkins Athlete
John Wilkins Clergyman
Maurice Wilkins Scientist
Roger Wilkins Activist
Roy Wilkins Activist
Bruce Wilkinson Author
Ellen Wilkinson Politician
Geoffrey Wilkinson Scientist
Howard Wilkinson Coach
Jonny Wilkinson Athlete
Kendra Wilkinson Celebrity
Laura Wilkinson Athlete
Tom Wilkinson Actor
Steve Wilkos Entertainer
George Will Journalist
Dallas Willard Philosopher
Emma Willard Activist
Frances E. Willard Activist
Fred Willard Comedian
Prince William Royalty
Allison Williams Celebrity
Andy Williams Musician
Anson Williams Actor
Anthony A. Williams Politician
Armstrong Williams Journalist
Ashley Williams Actress
Barry Williams Actor
Bernard Williams Philosopher
Bert Williams Entertainer
Bill Williams Celebrity
Billy Dee Williams Actor
Billy Williams Athlete
Brian Williams Journalist
C. K. Williams Poet
Carey Williams -
Charles Williams Editor
Cindy Williams Actress
Claude Williams Athlete
Cress Williams Actor
Dar Williams Musician
Deron Williams Athlete
Dick Williams Athlete
Edward Bennett Williams Lawyer
Eric Williams Historian
Esther Williams Actress
Evan Williams Businessman
George C. Williams Scientist
Hal Williams Actor
Hank Williams Musician
Hayley Williams Musician
Ian Williams Musician
Jason Williams Athlete
Jayson Williams Athlete
Jesse Williams Actor
Jessica Williams Comedian
JoBeth Williams Actress
Jody Williams Activist
Joe Williams Musician
John Sharp Williams Politician
John Williams Composer
Joy Williams Writer
Juan Williams Journalist
Kelli Williams Actress
Kenneth Williams Actor
Kit Williams Author
Larry Williams Musician
Lucinda Williams Musician
Maisie Williams Actress
Mark Williams Actor
Mary Lou Williams Musician
Michael K. Williams Actor
Michelle Williams Actress
Miller Williams Poet
Mo Williams Athlete
Montel Williams Entertainer
Olivia Williams Actress
Otis Williams Musician
Pat Williams Athlete
Paul Williams Musician
Pharrell Williams Musician
Ralph Vaughan Williams Composer
Raymond Williams Novelist

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