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Quotes by 'U' Authors

Author Profession
Alanna Ubach Actress
Kohei Uchimura Athlete
Mark Udall Politician
Mo Udall Politician
Stewart Udall Politician
Tom Udall Politician
Sergei Udaltsov Activist
Peter Ueberroth Businessman
Bob Uecker Athlete
Brenda Ueland Writer
Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Morihei Ueshiba Athlete
Walter Ulbricht Politician
David Ulevitch Businessman
Gaspard Ulliel Actor
Samuel Ullman Poet
Tracey Ullman Comedian
Liv Ullmann Actress
Walter F. Ulmer Soldier
Lars Ulrich Musician
Skeet Ulrich Actor
Bjorn Ulvaeus Musician
Miguel de Unamuno Educator
Evelyn Underhill Writer
Blair Underwood Actor
Carrie Underwood Musician
Matthew Underwood Actor
Sam Underwood Actor
Sigrid Undset Novelist
Billy Unger Actor
Deborah Kara Unger Actress
Lisa Unger Author
Roberto Unger Politician
Gabrielle Union Actress
Johnny Unitas Athlete
Unknown -
Al Unser Athlete
Bobby Unser Driver
Barry Unsworth Writer
John Updike Novelist
Fred Upton Politician
Kate Upton Model
Karl Urban Actor
Keith Urban Musician
Midge Ure Musician
Alvaro Uribe Statesman
Robert Urich Actor
Michael Urie Actor
Leon Uris Writer
Jenna Ushkowitz Actress
Alisher Usmanov Businessman
Peter Ustinov Actor
Peter Utley Journalist

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