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Quotes by 'S' Authors

Author Profession
William Robertson Smith Scientist
Willow Smith Musician
Yeardley Smith Actress
Zadie Smith Novelist
James Smithson Scientist
Robert Smithson Artist
Jimmy Smits Actor
Willie Smits Scientist
Lee Smolin Physicist
Jurnee Smollett Actress
Tobias Smollett Writer
George Smoot Scientist
J. B. Smoove Actor
Dick Smothers Comedian
Tom Smothers Comedian
Tommy Smothers Comedian
Cobie Smulders Actress
Raymond Smullyan Mathematician
Victoria Smurfit Actress
Sam Snead Athlete
Peter Snell Athlete
Richard Snelling Politician
Frank Snepp Journalist
Dee Snider Musician
Duke Snider Athlete
Stacey Snider Businesswoman
Yuliya Snigir Actress
Wesley Snipes Actor
Carrie Snodgress Actress
Brittany Snow Actress
Carrie Snow Comedian
Eric Snow Athlete
Hank Snow Musician
John W. Snow Economist
Lorenzo Snow Clergyman
Phoebe Snow Musician
Tony Snow Journalist
Edward Snowden Activist
Lisa Snowdon Model
Olympia Snowe Politician
Dana Snyder Actor
Gary Snyder Poet
Rick Snyder Politician
Tom Snyder Celebrity
Vic Snyder Politician
Zack Snyder Director
DeForest Soaries Politician
Leelee Sobieski Actress
Joseph Sobran Activist
Jill Sobule Musician
Lauren Socha Actress
Ralph W. Sockman Leader
Socrates Philosopher
Frederick Soddy Scientist
Steven Soderbergh Director
Rena Sofer Actress
Sonja Sohn Actress
Ikkyu Sojun Poet
Marla Sokoloff Actor
Raymond Sokolov Journalist
Javier Solana Politician
Valerie Solanas Writer
Erna Solberg Politician
P. J. Soles Actress
Hilda Solis Politician
Dorothee Solle Theologian
Philippe Sollers Writer
Rebecca Solnit Writer
Hope Solo Athlete
Ksenia Solo Actress
Andrew Solomon Writer
Gerald B. H. Solomon Politician
King Solomon Royalty
Robert C. Solomon Educator
Solon Statesman
Todd Solondz Writer
Ted Solotaroff Writer
Georg Solti Musician
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Author
Ian Somerhalder Actor
Brett Somers Actress
Suzanne Somers Actress
Bonnie Somerville Actress
James Green Somerville Clergyman
William Somerville Poet
Rich Sommer Actor
Christina Hoff Sommers Author
Stephen Sommers Director
Masayoshi Son Businessman
Stephen Sondheim Composer
Brenda Song Actress
Trey Songz Musician
Barry Sonnenfeld Producer
Susan Sontag Author
Sophocles Poet
Kevin Sorbo Actor
Alberto Sordi Actor
Georges Sorel Philosopher
Tabitha Soren Celebrity
Theodore C. Sorensen Lawyer
Aaron Sorkin Producer
Andrew Ross Sorkin Journalist
Didier Sornette Scientist
George Soros Businessman
Abdolkarim Soroush Philosopher
Paolo Sorrentino Director
Mira Sorvino Actress
Paul Sorvino Actor
Sammy Sosa Athlete
Shannyn Sossamon Musician
Ann Sothern Actress
Adelina Sotnikova Athlete
Sonia Sotomayor Judge
Peter Sotos Writer
David Soul Actor
Sister Souljah Author
Soundarya Actress
John Philip Sousa Musician
David H. Souter Judge
Robert South Clergyman
Joanna Southcott Celebrity
Steve Southerland Politician
Terry Southern Writer
Robert Southey Poet
Robert Southwell Clergyman
Thomas Sowell Economist
Wole Soyinka Dramatist
Zack Space Politician
Sissy Spacek Actress
Kevin Spacey Actor
Patricia Meyer Spacks Writer
David Spade Actor
Kate Spade Designer
James Spader Actor
Merrie Spaeth Writer
Warren Spahn Athlete
Al Spalding Athlete
Esperanza Spalding Musician
John Lancaster Spalding Author
Rafe Spall Actor
Timothy Spall Actor
Muriel Spark Novelist
Clinton Sparks Musician
Hal Sparks Actor
Jared Sparks Educator
Jordin Sparks Musician
Nicholas Sparks Author
Bubba Sparxxx Musician
Boris Spassky Celebrity
Tris Speaker Athlete
Larry Speakes Public Servant
Burning Spear Musician
Aries Spears Actor
Britney Spears Musician
Jamie Lynn Spears Actress
Arlen Specter Politician
Michael Specter Journalist
Phil Spector Businessman
Ronnie Spector Musician
Gary Speed Athlete
Scott Speedman Actor
Albert Speer Criminal
Jackie Speier Politician
John Hanning Speke Soldier
Regina Spektor Musician
Ed Speleers Actor
Aaron Spelling Producer
Tori Spelling Actress
Margaret Spellings Public Servant
Francis Spellman Clergyman
Catherine Helen Spence Author
Gerry Spence Lawyer
Thomas Spence Writer
Abigail Spencer Actress
Anna Garlin Spencer Educator
Anne Spencer -
Baldwin Spencer Statesman
Chaske Spencer Actor
Henry Spencer Scientist
Herbert Spencer Philosopher
Jeremy Spencer Musician
Jesse Spencer Actor
John Spencer Actor
Lara Spencer Journalist
Octavia Spencer Actress
Roy Spencer Scientist
Stanley Spencer Artist
Stephen Spender Poet
Oswald Spengler Philosopher
Edmund Spenser Poet
Gene Sperling Public Servant
Penelope Spheeris Director
Evan Spiegel Businessman
Art Spiegelman Artist
Steven Spielberg Director
Guy Spier Businessman
Mickey Spillane Author
Michael Spiller Director
Stephen Spinella Actor
Jerry Spinelli Author

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