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Quotes by 'S' Authors

Author Profession
Clifford D. Simak Writer
Georges Simenon Writer
Charles Simeon Clergyman
Charles Simic Poet
John Simm Actor
Georg Simmel Sociologist
Bill Simmons Journalist
Charles Simmons Politician
Chelan Simmons Actress
Dan Simmons Author
Gail Simmons Entertainer
Gene Simmons Musician
Harold Simmons Businessman
J. K. Simmons Actor
Jean Simmons Actress
Kimora Lee Simmons Businesswoman
Laurie Simmons Artist
Richard Simmons Celebrity
Rob Simmons Politician
Russell Simmons Businessman
Ruth J. Simmons Educator
Sue Simmons Journalist
Phil Simms Athlete
William Gilmore Simms Novelist
Carly Simon Musician
Claude Simon Writer
David Simon Author
Herbert Simon Scientist
Joe Simon -
John Simon Critic
Julian Lincoln Simon Educator
Neil Simon Playwright
Norton Simon Businessman
Paul Simon Musician
Sam Simon Director
Taryn Simon Artist
William E. Simon Public Servant
Hannah Simone Actress
Nina Simone Musician
Paul Simonon Musician
Eva Simons Musician
Howard Simons Editor
James Harris Simons Businessman
Paullina Simons Writer
Raf Simons Designer
Charles Simonyi Businessman
Ty Simpkins Actor
Alan K. Simpson Politician
Ashlee Simpson Musician
Charlie Simpson Musician
Don Simpson Producer
George Gaylord Simpson Scientist
James Young Simpson Scientist
Jessica Simpson Musician
Jimmi Simpson Actor
Matthew Simpson Clergyman
Michael K. Simpson Politician
Mike Simpson Politician
Nicole Brown Simpson Celebrity
O. J. Simpson Athlete
Valerie Simpson Musician
Wallis Simpson Royalty
Webb Simpson Athlete
Christopher A. Sims Economist
George Robert Sims Journalist
Michael Sims Writer
Molly Sims Model
Graeme Simsion Author
Frank Sinatra Musician
Nancy Sinatra Musician
Sinbad Comedian
Cameron Sinclair Architect
Christine Sinclair Athlete
Gordon Sinclair Journalist
Iain Sinclair Writer
John Gordon Sinclair Actor
May Sinclair Writer
Upton Sinclair Author
Donald Sinden Actor
James Sinegal Businessman
Simon Sinek Author
Marsha Sinetar Writer
Bryan Singer Director
Isaac Bashevis Singer Novelist
June Singer Scientist
Lori Singer Actress
Marc Singer Actor
Peter Singer Philosopher
Harbhajan Singh Athlete
Jeev Milkha Singh Athlete
Kushal Pal Singh Businessman
Malvinder Mohan Singh Businessman
Manmohan Singh Statesman
Mona Singh Actress
Sukhwinder Singh Musician
Tarsem Singh Director
Vijay Singh Athlete
Vijender Singh Athlete
Mike Singletary Athlete
John Singleton Director
Gary Sinise Actor
Curt Siodmak Novelist
Siouxsie Sioux Musician
Sirhan Sirhan Criminal
Christian Siriano Designer
John J. Sirica Judge
Tony Sirico Actor
Douglas Sirk Director
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Statesman
Marina Sirtis Actress
Gene Siskel Critic
Aaron Siskind Photographer
George Sisler Athlete
Alfred Sisley Artist
Lemn Sissay Author
Jeremy Sisto Actor
Walter Sisulu Activist
Dave Sitek Musician
Curtis Sittenfeld Writer
Edith Sitwell Poet
Sivamani Musician
Swami Sivananda Philosopher
Derek Sivers Businessman
Jamie Sives Actor
Nikki Sixx Musician
Tom Sizemore Actor
Maj Sjowall Author
Joey Skaggs Celebrity
Ricky Skaggs Musician
Alexander Skarsgard Actor
Bill Skarsgard Actor
Stellan Skarsgard Actor
Ike Skelton Politician
John Skelton Poet
Red Skelton Comedian
Robin Skelton Writer
Roosevelt Skerrit Politician
Tom Skerritt Actor
Brian Skerry Photographer
Jeffrey Skilling Criminal
B. F. Skinner Psychologist
Cornelia Otis Skinner Actress
Rebecca Skloot Writer
Jeffrey Skoll Businessman
Mark Skousen Economist
Skrillex Musician
Josef Skvorecky Writer
Jennifer Sky Actress
Ione Skye Actress
John Sladek Author
Elisabeth Sladen Actress
Slash Musician
Jenny Slate Actress
Christian Slater Actor
Helen Slater Actress
Kelly Slater Athlete
Leonard Slatkin Celebrity
John Slattery Actor
Anne-Marie Slaughter Educator
Enos Slaughter Athlete
Louise Slaughter Politician
Erika Slezak Actress
Grace Slick Musician
Carlos Slim Businessman
Langhorne Slim Musician
William Slim Soldier
Hedi Slimane Designer
Peter Slipper Politician
Curtis Sliwa Celebrity
Alfred P. Sloan Businessman
Allan Sloan Journalist
Cliff Sloan Businessman
John French Sloan Artist
Lindsay Sloane Actress
Joshua Slocum Explorer
Eddie Slovik Soldier
Joe Slovo Politician
Andy Van Slyke Athlete
Albion W. Small Sociologist
Joan Smalls Model
Amy Smart Actress
Christopher Smart Poet
Elizabeth Smart Celebrity
Erinn Smart Athlete
Jean Smart Actress
Keeth Smart Athlete
George Smathers Politician
Eleanor Smeal Activist
Lewis B. Smedes Author
Agnes Smedley Journalist
Samuel Smiles Author
Jane Smiley Writer
Tavis Smiley Author
Yakov Smirnoff Comedian
Adam Smith Economist
Adrian Smith Musician
Al Smith Politician
Alan Smith Athlete
Alexander McCall Smith Writer
Alexander Smith Poet

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