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Quotes by 'R' Authors

Author Profession
Mary Roach Author
Max Roach Musician
Melanie Roach Athlete
Amy Robach Journalist
Sam Robards Actor
Chuck Robb Politician
Margot Robbie Actress
Harold Robbins Author
Jerome Robbins Dancer
Marty Robbins Musician
Richard E. Robbins Director
Ryan Robbins Actor
Tim Robbins Actor
Tom Robbins Author
Tony Robbins Author
Alain Robert Athlete
Cavett Robert Businessman
Henry Martyn Robert Celebrity
Brian Roberts Businessman
Cokie Roberts Journalist
Craig Roberts Actor
Dallas Roberts Actor
Doris Roberts Actress
Emma Roberts Actress
Eric Roberts Actor
George R. Roberts Businessman
Graham Roberts Actor
Gregory David Roberts Author
J. M. Roberts -
Jake Roberts Celebrity
Jane Roberts Author
John Roberts Judge
Julia Roberts Actress
Julie Roberts Musician
Mark Roberts Actor
Nora Roberts Author
Oral Roberts Clergyman
Pat Roberts Politician
Rachel Roberts Actress
Robin Roberts Athlete
Shawn Roberts Actor
Tanya Roberts Actress
Britt Robertson Actress
Cliff Robertson Actor
Dale Robertson Actor
Frederick William Robertson Clergyman
Jaquelin T. Robertson Architect
Jase Robertson Celebrity
Julian Robertson Businessman
Kathleen Robertson Actress
Kay Robertson Celebrity
Lord Robertson Diplomat
Oscar Robertson Athlete
Pat Robertson Clergyman
Phil Robertson Celebrity
Si Robertson Celebrity
Willie Robertson Celebrity
Paul Robeson Actor
Maximilien Robespierre Leader
Leo Robin Composer
Abraham Robinson Mathematician
Ann Robinson Actress
Anne Robinson Celebrity
Anwar Robinson Musician
Bill Robinson Dancer
Brooks Robinson Athlete
Bruce Robinson Director
Chris Robinson Musician
Craig Robinson Actor
Darren Robinson Musician
Donny Robinson Athlete
Edward G. Robinson Actor
Edwin Arlington Robinson Poet
Frank Robinson Athlete
Gene Robinson Clergyman
Henry Peach Robinson Photographer
Jackie Robinson Athlete
James Harvey Robinson Historian
Jerry Robinson Artist
Jill Robinson -
John Buchanan Robinson Politician
John Robinson Actor
Ken Robinson Educator
Kim Stanley Robinson Writer
Marilynne Robinson Novelist
Mary Robinson Statesman
Matt Robinson Actor
Nick Robinson Journalist
Smokey Robinson Musician
Spider Robinson Writer
Sugar Ray Robinson Athlete
Sylvia Robinson Musician
Theodore Robinson Artist
Victor Robinson Journalist
Wendy Raquel Robinson Actress
Wilbert Robinson Athlete
William Heath Robinson Cartoonist
Dayron Robles Athlete
Bobby Robson Athlete
Bryan Robson Athlete
Joel Robuchon Chef
Martha Roby Politician
Robyn Musician
Mo Rocca Writer
Zack de la Rocha Musician
Boyle Roche Politician
Sebastian Roche Actor
Francois de La Rochefoucauld Writer
Arthur Rock Businessman
Chris Rock Comedian
Kid Rock Musician
Mick Rock Photographer
Abby Rockefeller Scientist
David Rockefeller Businessman
Jay Rockefeller Politician
John D. Rockefeller Businessman
John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Businessman
Laurance Rockefeller Businessman
Nelson Rockefeller Vice President
Winthrop Rockefeller Politician
Knute Rockne Coach
Johan Rockstrom Environmentalist
David Rockwell Architect
George Lincoln Rockwell Activist
Norman Rockwell Artist
Sam Rockwell Actor
ASAP Rocky Musician
James Roday Actor
Gene Roddenberry Producer
Andy Roddick Athlete
Anita Roddick Businesswoman
Holland Roden Actress
Brande Roderick Model
Bill Rodgers Athlete
Cathy McMorris Rodgers Politician
Nile Rodgers Musician
Richard Rodgers Composer
Auguste Rodin Sculptor
Judith Rodin Public Servant
Dennis Rodman Athlete
Caesar Rodney Lawyer
Alex Rodriguez Athlete
Chi Chi Rodriguez Athlete
Freddy Rodriguez Actor
Genesis Rodriguez Actress
Gina Rodriguez Actress
Jai Rodriguez Actor
Jose A. Rodriguez, Jr. Public Servant
Judith Rodriguez Poet
Michelle Rodriguez Actress
Narciso Rodriguez Designer
Paul Rodriguez Comedian
Raini Rodriguez Actress
Rico Rodriguez Actor
Robert Rodriguez Director
Artur Rodzinski Musician
Phil Roe Politician
Nicolas Roeg Director
Sarah Roemer Actress
Richard Roeper Critic
Zach Roerig Actor
Theodore Roethke Poet
Joe Rogan Comedian
Seth Rogen Actor
Elena Roger Actress
Adrian Rogers Clergyman
Carl Rogers Psychologist
Desiree Rogers Businesswoman
Edith Rogers Politician
Fred Rogers Celebrity
Ginger Rogers Actress
Hal Rogers Politician
James E. Rogers Educator
Jim Rogers Businessman
John W. Rogers, Jr. Businessman
Kenny Rogers Musician
Kesha Rogers Politician
Mike Rogers Politician
Mimi Rogers Actress
Richard Rogers Architect
Roy Rogers Entertainer
Samuel Rogers Poet
Wayne Rogers Actor
Will Rogers Actor
Felix Rohatyn Businessman
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Architect
Elisabeth Rohm Actress
Ernst Rohm Soldier
Eric Rohmer Director
Jim Rohn Businessman
Richard Rohr Clergyman
Dana Rohrabacher Politician
Anne Roiphe Journalist
Carine Roitfeld Editor
Sasha Roiz Actor
Al Roker Entertainer
Todd Rokita Politician
Ida Pauline Rolf Scientist
Romain Rolland Novelist
Stephane Rolland Designer

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