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Quotes by 'R' Authors

Author Profession
Nick Rhodes Musician
Richard Rhodes Journalist
Steffan Rhodri Actor
Busta Rhymes Musician
Jean Rhys Novelist
Matthew Rhys Actor
Paul Rhys Actor
Phillip Rhys Actor
Reid Ribble Politician
Alfonso Ribeiro Actor
Abraham A. Ribicoff Politician
Giovanni Ribisi Actor
Marc Ribot Musician
Matthieu Ricard Clergyman
David Ricardo Economist
Christina Ricci Actress
Ruggiero Ricci Musician
Anne Rice Novelist
Boyd Rice Artist
Buddy Rice Celebrity
Condoleezza Rice Statesman
Donna Rice Celebrity
Elmer Rice Playwright
Grantland Rice Journalist
Jerry Rice Athlete
Mandy Rice-Davies Model
Ron Rice Athlete
Stephanie Rice Athlete
Susan Rice Statesman
Tim Rice Musician
Tom Rice Politician
Adam Rich Actor
Adrienne Rich Poet
Buddy Rich Musician
Charlie Rich Musician
Frank Rich Journalist
Jeff Rich Explorer
Lee Rich Producer
Marc Rich Businessman
Nathaniel Rich Novelist
Simon Rich Novelist
Cliff Richard Musician
Little Richard Musician
Ann Richards Politician
Ariana Richards Actress
Beah Richards Actress
Bob Richards Athlete
Cecile Richards Activist
Charles Richards Politician
Dakota Blue Richards Actress
Deke Richards Musician
Denise Richards Actress
Ellen Swallow Richards Scientist
Gordon Richards Celebrity
Jef I. Richards Educator
Keith Richards Musician
Kim Richards Actress
Michael Richards Actor
Richard Richards Astronaut
Sam Richards Sociologist
Bill Richardson Politician
Burton Richardson Entertainer
Cameron Richardson Actress
Elliot Richardson Lawyer
Jerome Richardson Musician
Joely Richardson Actress
Kevin Richardson Musician
Luke Richardson Coach
Miranda Richardson Actress
Natasha Richardson Actress
Patricia Richardson Actress
Ralph Richardson Actor
Robert Coleman Richardson Physicist
Robert Richardson Director
Salli Richardson Actress
Samuel Richardson Novelist
Terry Richardson Photographer
Tony Richardson Director
Cardinal Richelieu Clergyman
Jean Richepin Poet
Charles Richet Scientist
Lionel Richie Musician
Nicole Richie Actress
Mordecai Richler Novelist
Jonathan Richman Musician
Cedric Richmond Politician
Tequan Richmond Actor
Andy Richter Comedian
Burton Richter Scientist
Charles Francis Richter Scientist
Gerhard Richter Artist
Jason James Richter Actor
W. D. Richter Writer
Frieda von Richthofen Celebrity
Manfred von Richthofen Aviator
Slick Rick Musician
Ashley Rickards Actress
Emily Bett Rickards Actress
Eddie Rickenbacker Aviator
Branch Rickey Athlete
Adam Rickitt Actor
Don Rickles Comedian
Alan Rickman Actor
Hyman Rickover Soldier
Christopher Ricks Critic
Paul Ricoeur Philosopher
Flo Rida Musician
Sally Ride Astronaut
Tom Ridge Politician
Matthew B. Ridgway Soldier
Laura Riding Poet
John Ridley Director
Matt Ridley Scientist
Michael Riedel Journalist
Leni Riefenstahl Director
Eden Riegel Actress
Eric Ries Businessman
Beth Riesgraf Actress
David Riesman Sociologist
Adam Riess Scientist
Andre Rieu Musician
Jeremy Rifkin Economist
Cathy Rigby Athlete
Emma Rigby Actress
Scott Rigell Politician
Diana Rigg Actress
Rob Riggle Actor
Bobby Riggs Athlete
Chandler Riggs Actor
Ransom Riggs Writer
Amanda Righetti Actress
Rihanna Musician
Jacob Riis Journalist
Sen Rikyu Celebrity
Amber Riley Actress
Bob Riley Politician
Bridget Riley Artist
Charlotte Riley Actress
James Whitcomb Riley Poet
Pat Riley Coach
Sam Riley Actor
Talulah Riley Actress
Terry Riley Composer
Tom Riley Actor
William Bell Riley Clergyman
Rainer Maria Rilke Poet
Arthur Rimbaud Poet
LeAnn Rimes Musician
Francesca da Rimini Celebrity
Mary Roberts Rinehart Novelist
Robert J. Ringer Writer
Faith Ringgold Artist
Molly Ringwald Actress
Lisa Rinna Actress
Sogyal Rinpoche Writer
Rick Riordan Author
Emily Rios Actress
Kelly Ripa Entertainer
Eric Ripert Chef
Cal Ripken, Jr. Athlete
Alexandra Ripley Writer
George Ripley Activist
Robert Ripley Cartoonist
Andrea Riseborough Actress
Robert Riskin Playwright
Dennis Ritchie Scientist
Guy Ritchie Director
Michael Ritchie Director
Alan Ritchson Actor
Lee Ritenour Musician
Blake Ritson Actor
David Rittenhouse Scientist
Jason Ritter Actor
John Ritter Actor
Krysten Ritter Actress
Scott Ritter Public Servant
Thelma Ritter Actress
Herb Ritts Photographer
Emmanuelle Riva Actress
Antoine Rivarol Journalist
Celia Rivenbark Author
Chita Rivera Actress
Diego Rivera Artist
Geraldo Rivera Journalist
Jenni Rivera Musician
Mariano Rivera Athlete
Naya Rivera Actress
Doc Rivers Coach
Francine Rivers Author
Joan Rivers Comedian
Johnny Rivers Musician
Larry Rivers Musician
Melissa Rivers Actress
Mickey Rivers Athlete
Sam Rivers Musician
Jacques Rivette Director
Rene Rivkin Businessman
Alice Rivlin Economist
Jose Rizal Writer
Anthony Rizzo Athlete

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