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Picture Quotes - Page 9

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself. - Desiderius Erasmus
There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning. - Christopher Morley
The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money. - Thomas Jefferson
Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul. - Thomas Merton
Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. - Charles R. Swindoll
The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust
When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. - John Muir
Kiss me and you will see how important I am. - Sylvia Plath
Freedom lies in being bold. - Robert Frost
There is always room at the top. - Daniel Webster
The wheel is come full circle. - William Shakespeare
We can only learn to love by loving. - Iris Murdoch
Remember when life's path is steep to keep your mind even. - Horace
We build too many walls and not enough bridges. - Isaac Newton
Try to learn something about everything and everything about something. - Thomas Huxley
I look back on my life like a good day's work, it was done and I am satisfied with it. - Grandma Moses
Love is an emotion experienced by the many and enjoyed by the few. - George Jean Nathan
Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense. - Gertrude Stein
Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out. - Benjamin Franklin
I love those who yearn for the impossible. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
One finds limits by pushing them. - Herbert Simon
Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand. - Neil Armstrong
Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be. - John Wooden
Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done. - Robert A. Heinlein
Where there is unity there is always victory. - Publilius Syrus
The more one judges, the less one loves. - Honore de Balzac
Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend. - Plautus
There are no secrets that time does not reveal. - Jean Racine
Genius might be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way. - Charles Bukowski
Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel. - Augustus Hare
The empires of the future are the empires of the mind. - Winston Churchill
Sleep is the best meditation. - Dalai Lama
Man maintains his balance, poise, and sense of security only as he is moving forward. - Maxwell Maltz
Perhaps I am stronger than I think. - Thomas Merton
A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. - George A. Moore
The secret of my success is a two word answer: Know people. - Harvey S. Firestone