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Quotes by 'P' Authors

Author Profession
William Proxmire Politician
Prudentius -
Paul Prudhomme Chef
Kyle D. Pruett Author
Scott Pruett Celebrity
Jordan Pruitt Artist
Jonathan Pryce Actor
Mark Pryor Politician
Richard Pryor Actor
Psy Musician
Emilio Pucci Designer
Giacomo Puccini Composer
Wolfgang Puck Chef
Kirby Puckett Athlete
Danny Pudi Actor
Jose Andres Puerta Chef
Lewis Gordon Pugh Environmentalist
Manuel Puig Author
Joseph Pulitzer Publisher
Lilly Pulitzer Celebrity
Keshia Knight Pulliam Actress
Bill Pullman Actor
Philip Pullman Writer
Lindsay Pulsipher Actress
Lara Pulver Actress
Big Pun Musician
Lucy Punch Actress
Dominic Purcell Actor
Edward M. Purcell Scientist
Al Purdy Poet
Jolene Purdy Actress
James Purefoy Actor
Amrish Puri Actor
Robert Purvis Activist
Martin Puryear Sculptor
Alexander Pushkin Author
Vladimir Putin Statesman
George Haven Putnam Soldier
Hilary Putnam Philosopher
Paul Putner Comedian
David Puttnam Producer
Mario Puzo Novelist
Ernie Pyle Journalist
Missi Pyle Actress
Barbara Pym Novelist
John Pym Politician
Thomas Pynchon Writer
Pyrrhus Royalty
Pythagoras Mathematician
Joshua Prince-Ramus Architect
Vitruvius Author
Robin Wright Actress
Pliny the Elder Author

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