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Quotes by 'P' Authors

Author Profession
Frank Perdue Businessman
Sonny Perdue Politician
Missy Peregrym Actress
Ronald Perelman Businessman
S. J. Perelman Writer
Bruce Perens Businessman
Shimon Peres Statesman
Chelsea Peretti Comedian
Jonah Peretti Businessman
Alan Garcia Perez Statesman
Antonio Perez Statesman
Eddie Perez Politician
John Perez Politician
Rosie Perez Actress
Sergio Perez Driver
Tony Perez Athlete
Periander Leader
Pericles Statesman
Anthony Perkins Actor
Brian Perkins Journalist
Carl Perkins Musician
Elizabeth Perkins Actress
Emily Perkins Actress
Frances Perkins Politician
John Perkins Economist
Pinetop Perkins Musician
Martin Lewis Perl Physicist
Richard Perle Public Servant
Alan Perlis Scientist
Michael Perlis Businessman
Elliot Perlman Author
Itzhak Perlman Musician
Ron Perlman Actor
David Perlmutter Scientist
Saul Perlmutter Scientist
Fritz Perls Psychologist
Evita Peron Statesman
Ross Perot Businessman
Charles Perrault Author
Pauley Perrette Actress
Christina Perri Musician
Philippe Perrin Astronaut
Harold Perrineau Actor
Tom Perrotta Novelist
Anne Perry Novelist
Antoinette Perry Actress
Bradley Steven Perry Actor
David Perry Businessman
Fred Perry Athlete
Gaylord Perry Athlete
Jeff Perry Actor
Joe Perry Musician
Katy Perry Musician
Luke Perry Actor
Matthew Perry Actor
Oliver Perry Soldier
Rachel Perry Celebrity
Rick Perry Politician
Steve Perry Musician
Thomas Perry Musician
Troy Perry Clergyman
Tyler Perry Actor
William J. Perry Politician
William Perry Athlete
Goran Persson Politician
Jon Pertwee Actor
Sean Pertwee Actor
Joe Pesci Actor
Marisha Pessl Writer
Fernando Pessoa Author
Johann Pestalozzi Educator
Daniela Pestova Model
Irene Peter Writer
Laurence J. Peter Writer
Thomas Peterffy Businessman
Melissa Peterman Actress
Bernadette Peters Actress
Clarke Peters Actor
Ellis Peters Author
Evan Peters Actor
Mike Peters Cartoonist
Ralph Peters Soldier
Russell Peters Comedian
Tom Peters Businessman
William Petersen Actor
Wolfgang Petersen Director
Amanda Peterson Actress
Bob Peterson Artist
Cassandra Peterson Comedian
Collin C. Peterson Politician
Debbi Peterson Musician
Eugene H. Peterson Clergyman
Oscar Peterson Musician
Peter George Peterson Businessman
Roger Tory Peterson Environmentalist
Scott Peterson Criminal
John Petit-Senn Poet
David Petraeus Soldier
Petrarch Poet
Tom Petri Politician
Daniel Petrie Director
Henry Petroski Businessman
Gregory Petsko Scientist
Pierre Pettigrew Politician
Bob Pettit Athlete
Adam Petty Celebrity
Lee Petty Celebrity
Richard Petty Athlete
Tom Petty Musician
William Petty Economist
Alex Pettyfer Actor
Roger Peyrefitte Diplomat
Madeleine Peyroux Musician
Elizabeth Peyton Artist
Dan Pfeiffer Public Servant
Eckhard Pfeiffer Businessman
Michelle Pfeiffer Actress
Phaedrus Poet
Liz Phair Musician
Jay Pharoah Actor
Austin Phelps Clergyman
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Writer
Michael Phelps Athlete
William Lyon Phelps Educator
Mekhi Phifer Actor
Regis Philbin Entertainer
Nathaniel Philbrick Author
Kim Philby Celebrity
Prince Philip Royalty
Busy Philipps Actress
Ambrose Philips Poet
Emo Philips Comedian
Gina Philips Actress
John Philips Poet
Arthur Phillip Soldier
Ryan Phillippe Actor
Arthur Phillips Novelist
Bijou Phillips Actress
Bum Phillips Coach
Chynna Phillips Musician
Graham Phillips Actor
Grant-Lee Phillips Musician
Jeanne Phillips Writer
John L. Phillips Astronaut
John Phillips Musician
Julia Phillips Author
Lou Diamond Phillips Actor
Mackenzie Phillips Actress
Pauline Phillips Journalist
Phillip Phillips Musician
Richard Phillips Artist
Sam Phillips Businessman
Stephen Phillips Poet
Todd Phillips Director
Trevor Phillips Politician
Wendell Phillips Activist
Zara Phillips Royalty
Eden Phillpotts Novelist
Philo Philosopher
Taylor Phinney Athlete
Joaquin Phoenix Actor
River Phoenix Actor
Tanit Phoenix Model
Edith Piaf Musician
Jean Piaget Psychologist
Renzo Piano Architect
Mike Piazza Athlete
Vincent Piazza Actor
Francis Picabia Artist
Pablo Picasso Artist
Paloma Picasso Designer
Bertrand Piccard Psychologist
Guy Picciotto Musician
Andy Pick Coach
T. Boone Pickens Businessman
Charles W. Pickering Judge
Mary Pickford Actress
James Jarrell Pickle Politician
Kellie Pickler Musician
Jodi Picoult Author
Jim Piddock Actor
Walter Pidgeon Actor
Ferdinand Piech Designer
Charlie Pierce Journalist
David Hyde Pierce Actor
Franklin Pierce President
Jeffrey Pierce Actor
Mary Pierce Athlete
Paul Pierce Athlete
Tamora Pierce Writer
Wendell Pierce Actor
William Pierce Celebrity
Marge Piercy Writer
Alessandro Del Piero Athlete
Abbe Pierre Clergyman
Jimmy Piersall Athlete
Julia Pierson Public Servant
Sasha Pieterse Actress
Kevin Pietersen Athlete
Antonio Pigafetta Explorer

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