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Author Profession
Kamla Persad-Bissessar Politician
Rupert Penry-Jones Actor
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Writer
Miguel Musician
Enrique Pena Nieto Statesman
Master P Musician
Svante Paabo Scientist
Jack Paar Entertainer
Mohnish Pabrai Businessman
Lee Pace Actor
Peter Pace Soldier
Adnan Pachachi Politician
Al Pacino Actor
David Packard Businessman
Vance Packard Writer
George Packer Novelist
J. I. Packer Clergyman
Kerry Packer Businessman
Will Packer Producer
Bob Packwood Politician
Manny Pacquiao Athlete
Genevieve Padalecki Actress
Jared Padalecki Actor
Clementine Paddleford Journalist
Ignacy Jan Paderewski Artist
Jose Padilha Director
Deepika Padukone Actress
Leander Paes Athlete
Niccolo Paganini Musician
Chuck Pagano Coach
Bettie Page Model
Ellen Page Actress
Geraldine Page Actress
Jimmy Page Musician
Joy Page Actress
Larry Page Businessman
Patti Page Musician
Russell Page Architect
Thomas Nelson Page Writer
Tim Page Photographer
Mark Pagel Scientist
Heinz R. Pagels -
Debra Paget Actress
James Paget Scientist
Camille Paglia Author
Marcel Pagnol Dramatist
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Royalty
Jennifer Pahlka Public Servant
Elaine Paige Musician
Rod Paige Politician
Satchel Paige Athlete
Nam June Paik Artist
Robert Treat Paine Politician
Thomas Paine Writer
Abraham Pais Scientist
Bob Paisley Athlete
Brad Paisley Musician
Ian Paisley Politician
Alan J. Pakula Director
Carl Paladino Politician
Chuck Palahniuk Novelist
Luis Palau Clergyman
Octavian Paler Writer
Grace Paley Writer
William Paley Theologian
William S. Paley Businessman
Adrianne Palicki Actress
Ron Palillo Actor
Bristol Palin Author
Michael Palin Comedian
Sarah Palin Politician
Bernard Palissy Inventor
Aleksa Palladino Actress
Sam Palladio Actor
Dan Pallotta Businessman
Adam Pally Actor
Brian De Palma Director
Olof Palme Politician
Rafael Palmeiro Athlete
Amanda Palmer Musician
Arnold Palmer Athlete
Betsy Palmer Actress
Daniel D. Palmer Celebrity
Jim Palmer Athlete
Keke Palmer Actress
Lilli Palmer Actress
Michael Palmer Novelist
Parker Palmer Educator
Robert Palmer Musician
Teresa Palmer Actress
Tom G. Palmer Educator
Chazz Palminteri Actor
Samuel J. Palmisano Businessman
Bruce Paltrow Producer
Gwyneth Paltrow Actress
Bar Paly Model
Orhan Pamuk Novelist
Kay Panabaker Actress
Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit Diplomat
Saskya Pandita Leader
Leon Panetta Public Servant
Hayden Panettiere Actress
Archie Panjabi Actress
Emmeline Pankhurst Activist
Sylvia Pankhurst Activist
Joe Pantoliano Actor
Christopher Paolini Author
Connor Paolo Actor
Lucas Papademos Politician
George Papandreou Statesman
Franz von Papen Politician
Seymour Papert Mathematician
Giovanni Papini Journalist
Anna Paquin Actress
Paracelsus Scientist
Vanessa Paradis Musician
Bill Parcells Coach
J. D. Pardo Actor
Kip Pardue Actor
Jessica Pare Actress
Gail Parent Author
Vilfredo Pareto Economist
Sara Paretsky Author
Anne Parillaud Actress
Matthew Paris Clergyman
Eli Pariser Businessman
Sarah Parish Actress
Sister Parish Designer
Annie Parisse Actress
Jacques Parizeau Economist
Barbara Park Author
Chan Ho Park Athlete
Grace Park Actress
Ji-Hae Park Musician
Linda Sue Park Author
Megan Park Actress
Nick Park Director
Ray Park Actor
Ruth Park Author
Alan Parker Director
Andrea Parker Actress
Bonnie Parker Criminal
Candace Parker Athlete
Charlie Parker Musician
Christopher Parker Actor
Colonel Tom Parker Celebrity
Ed Parker Athlete
Eleanor Parker Actress
Evan Parker Musician
Gilbert Parker Politician
Graham Parker Musician
Kathleen Parker Journalist
Mary-Louise Parker Actress
Molly Parker Actress
Nate Parker Actor
Nicole Ari Parker Actress
Paul Parker Athlete
Robert B. Parker Writer
Robert M. Parker, Jr. Critic
Sarah Jessica Parker Actress
Sean Parker Businessman
Suzy Parker Model
Theodore Parker Theologian
Tony Parker Athlete
Trey Parker Artist
Charles Henry Parkhurst Clergyman
C. Northcote Parkinson Historian
Katherine Parkinson Actress
Michael Parkinson Journalist
Norman Parkinson Photographer
Francis Parkman Historian
Gordon Parks Photographer
Rosa Parks Activist
Suzan-Lori Parks Playwright
Luca Parmitano Astronaut
Dave Parnas Scientist
Charles Stewart Parnell Politician
Chris Parnell Comedian
Ben Parr Journalist
Martin Parr Photographer
Jim Parrack Actor
Lana Parrilla Actress
Hunter Parrish Actor
Janel Parrish Actress
Maxfield Parrish Artist
Joseph Parry Composer
Rod Parsley Celebrity
Alan Parsons Musician
Bob Parsons Businessman
Estelle Parsons Actress
Jim Parsons Actor
Karyn Parsons Actress
Richard Parsons Businessman
Talcott Parsons Sociologist
Tony Parsons Critic
Arvo Part Composer
Dolly Parton Musician
Andy Partridge Musician
Georgi Parvanov Politician
Adam Pascal Actor

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