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Quotes by 'M' Authors

Author Profession
Jim Messina Musician
Debra Messing Actress
Claire Messud Novelist
Grace Metalious Novelist
John Metcalf Editor
Laurie Metcalf Actress
Jesse Metcalfe Actor
Robert Metcalfe Inventor
Pat Metheny Musician
Prince Metternich Politician
Howard Metzenbaum Poet
Tom Metzger Celebrity
Jason Mewes Actor
Breckin Meyer Actor
Debbie Meyer Athlete
Edgar Meyer Musician
Joyce Meyer Author
Nicholas Meyer Writer
Paul J. Meyer Businessman
Philipp Meyer Writer
Ronald Meyer Businessman
Stephenie Meyer Author
Giacomo Meyerbeer Composer
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Actor
Nancy Meyers Director
Seth Meyers Comedian
Alice Meynell Poet
Gustave Meyrink -
Ben Mezrich Author
John Mica Politician
Lucia Micarelli Musician
Blake Michael Actor
George Michael Musician
Al Michaels Entertainer
Anne Michaels Poet
Bret Michaels Musician
Jillian Michaels Athlete
Lorne Michaels Producer
AJ Michalka Musician
Aly Michalka Actress
Duane Michals Photographer
Mike Michaud Politician
Pras Michel Musician
Michelangelo Artist
Chrisette Michele Musician
Lea Michele Actress
Michael Michele Actor
Jules Michelet Historian
Roger Michell Actor
James A. Michener Novelist
Adam Michnik Editor
Phil Mickelson Athlete
Matt Mickiewicz Businessman
Kate Micucci Actress
Peter Middlebrook Businessman
Arthur Middleton Politician
Henry Middleton Politician
Kate Middleton Royalty
Pippa Middleton Celebrity
Thomas Middleton Poet
Tuppence Middleton Actress
Bette Midler Actress
Myriam Miedzian Actress
Gero Miesenbock Scientist
China Mieville Writer
Vic Mignogna Actor
Luis Miguel Musician
Dash Mihok Actor
Mika Musician
George Mikes Writer
Stan Mikita Athlete
Mads Mikkelsen Actor
Barbara Mikulski Politician
Alyssa Milano Actress
Milarepa Poet
Tiffeny Milbrett Athlete
David Milch Writer
Nelson A. Miles Soldier
Sarah Miles Actress
Vera Miles Actress
Stanley Milgram Psychologist
Darius Milhaud Composer
Christina Milian Musician
David Miliband Politician
Ed Miliband Politician
Ivana Milicevic Actress
Cristin Milioti Actress
John Milius Director
Harvey Milk Politician
Michael Milken Criminal
James Mill Historian
John Stuart Mill Philosopher
Meek Mill Musician
Roger Milla Athlete
Cesar Millan Celebrity
Ray Milland Actor
David Millar Athlete
Margaret Millar Writer
Mark Millar Writer
Candice Millard Writer
Edna St. Vincent Millay Author
Agnes de Mille Dancer
Richard Mille Businessman
Eric Millegan Actor
Benjamin Millepied Dancer
Alice Duer Miller Poet
Alice Miller Psychologist
Ann Miller Dancer
Arthur Miller Playwright
Bennett Miller Director
Bode Miller Athlete
Bryan Q. Miller Writer
Candice Miller Politician
Candice S. Miller Politician
Christa Miller Actress
Dan Miller Politician
Dennis Miller Comedian
Donald Miller Author
Dorie Miller Celebrity
Ezra Miller Actor
Frank Miller Artist
Gary Miller Politician
George Miller Comedian
Glenn Miller Musician
Henry Miller Author
Hugh Miller Scientist
J. Irwin Miller Businessman
Jack Miller Politician
James Nathan Miller -
James Pinckney Miller Playwright
Jeff Miller Politician
Jeremy Miller Actor
Joe Miller Politician
Johnny Miller Athlete
Jonathan Miller Entertainer
Jonny Lee Miller Actor
Judith Miller Journalist
Keith Miller Author
Kelly Miller Sociologist
Kenneth R. Miller Scientist
Larry Miller Comedian
Laura Miller Politician
Lauren Miller Actress
Linda Lael Miller Author
Lisa Miller Musician
Mac Miller Musician
Marisa Miller Model
Mark Crispin Miller Journalist
Merton Miller Economist
Mick Miller Comedian
Mitch Miller Musician
Nicole Miller Designer
Olin Miller Businessman
Patina Miller Actress
Penelope Ann Miller Actress
Perry Miller Historian
Rebecca Miller Director
Roger Miller Musician
Romeo Miller Musician
Shannon Miller Athlete
Sienna Miller Actress
T. J. Miller Actor
Walter M. Miller, Jr. Writer
Wentworth Miller Actor
Zell Miller Politician
Kate Millett Activist
Dustin Milligan Actor
Spike Milligan Comedian
Robert Andrews Millikan Physicist
Dan Millman Author
Denene Millner Author
C. Wright Mills Sociologist
Donna Mills Actress
Hayley Mills Actress
Heather Mills Activist
John Atta Mills Politician
John Mills Actor
Juliet Mills Actor
Karen Mills Public Servant
Mike Mills Musician
Stephanie Mills Musician
Wilbur Mills Politician
A. A. Milne Author
Christine Milne Politician
David Milne Businessman
Matt Milne Actor
Lord Milner Politician
Marion Milner Psychologist
Martin Milner Actor
Yuri Milner Businessman
Andy Milonakis Comedian
Sofia Milos Actress
Slobodan Milosevic Criminal
Czeslaw Milosz Poet
Ronnie Milsap Musician
John Milton Poet
Little Milton Musician
Anchee Min Athlete
Denise Mina Writer
Michael Mina Chef

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