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Quotes by 'H' Authors

Author Profession
John Hurt Actor
Robert Hurt Politician
William Hurt Actor
Jon Hurwitz Writer
Mitchell Hurwitz Writer
Jan Hus Philosopher
M. F. Husain Artist
Dana Hussein Athlete
King Hussein Royalty
King Hussein I Statesman
Saddam Hussein Criminal
Uday Hussein Celebrity
Edmund Husserl Philosopher
Olivia Hussey Actress
Allegra Huston Writer
Anjelica Huston Actress
Danny Huston Actor
Jack Huston Actor
John Huston Director
Walter Huston Actor
Michael Hutchence Musician
Josh Hutcherson Actor
Francis Hutcheson Philosopher
Robert M. Hutchins Educator
Anne Hutchinson Clergyman
Asa Hutchinson Lawyer
Tim Hutchinson Politician
Anna Hutchison Actress
Doug Hutchison Actor
Kay Bailey Hutchison Politician
Don Hutson Athlete
Betty Hutton Actress
James Hutton Scientist
John Hutton Educator
Lauren Hutton Model
Timothy Hutton Actor
Aldous Huxley Novelist
Elspeth Huxley Writer
Julian Huxley Scientist
Thomas Huxley Scientist
Ada Louise Huxtable Critic
Christiaan Huygens Mathematician
Bill Hybels Clergyman
Douglas Hyde Politician
Henry Hyde Politician
Sarah Hyland Actress
Mark E. Hyman Celebrity
Mark Hyman Author
Chrissie Hynde Musician
J. Allen Hynek Scientist
Hypatia Philosopher
Freeman A. Hrabowski III Educator
Kris Holden-Ried Actor
Rachel Hurd-Wood Actress
bell hooks Critic

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