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Quotes by 'H' Authors

Author Profession
Marques Houston Musician
Sam Houston Politician
Thelma Houston Musician
Whitney Houston Musician
Richard Hovey Composer
Alan Hovhaness Composer
Larry Hovis Musician
Bart Howard Composer
Bryce Dallas Howard Actress
Clint Howard Actor
Curly Howard Actor
Dwight Howard Athlete
Harlan Howard Musician
Jane Howard Journalist
John Howard Statesman
Leo Howard Actor
Leslie Howard Actor
Moe Howard Actor
Richard Howard Poet
Robert E. Howard Writer
Ron Howard Director
Sidney Howard Playwright
Terrence Howard Actor
Thomas Howard -
Traylor Howard Actress
Trevor Howard Actor
Vernon Howard Author
E. W. Howe Novelist
Gordie Howe Athlete
Irving Howe Historian
James Wong Howe Director
John Howe Artist
Joseph Howe Politician
Julia Ward Howe Activist
C. Thomas Howell Actor
James Howell Writer
Scott Howell Businessman
William Dean Howells Author
Glenn Howerton Actor
Thomas Howes Actor
Hugh Howey Author
Steve Howey Actor
Bette Howland Writer
Steny Hoyer Politician
Fred Hoyle Scientist
Tony Hsieh Businessman
Jinato Hu -
Kelly Hu Actress
King Hu Director
Eddie Huang Chef
Yasheng Huang Economist
Qin Shi Huangdi Royalty
Ma Huateng Businessman
Cal Hubbard Athlete
Elbert Hubbard Writer
Freddie Hubbard Musician
Glenn Hubbard Economist
Kin Hubbard Journalist
L. Ron Hubbard Author
Ruth Hubbard Scientist
Carl Hubbell Athlete
Edwin Powell Hubble Scientist
Cheri Huber Philosopher
Kurt Huber Celebrity
Robert Huber Scientist
Mike Huckabee Politician
Trevor Huddleston Activist
Quiara Alegria Hudes Playwright
Vanessa Hudgens Actress
Ernie Hudson Actor
Garth Hudson Musician
Henry Hudson Explorer
Jennifer Hudson Musician
Kate Hudson Actress
Oliver Hudson Actor
Rock Hudson Actor
Tim Hudson Athlete
William Henry Hudson Author
Tim Huelskamp Politician
Dolores Huerta Activist
Jon Huertas Actor
Aaron Huey Photographer
Arianna Huffington Journalist
Michael Huffington Politician
Alaina Huffman Actress
Felicity Huffman Actress
Steve Huffman Businessman
Shirley Hufstedler Public Servant
Charles Brenton Huggins Scientist
Miller Huggins Athlete
Adam Hughes Artist
Billy Hughes Politician
Charles Evans Hughes Judge
Chris Hughes Businessman
Clara Hughes Athlete
Glenn Hughes Musician
Harold E. Hughes Politician
Howard Hughes Businessman
John Hughes Director
Karen Hughes Politician
Langston Hughes Poet
Richard Hughes Writer
Robert Hughes Critic
Sarah Hughes Athlete
Ted Hughes Poet
Thomas Hughes Judge
D. L. Hughley Actor
Chad Hugo Musician
Victor Hugo Author
Ben Huh Businessman
Bill Huizenga Politician
Johan Huizinga Historian
Tom Hulce Actor
Bobby Hull Athlete
Brett Hull Athlete
Cordell Hull Public Servant
Jane D. Hull Politician
John Hull Mathematician
Raymond Hull Playwright
William Hull Soldier
Kathryn Hulme Writer
Pontus Hulten Educator
Randy Hultgren Politician
Phil Humber Athlete
Wilhelm von Humboldt Philosopher
Basil Hume Clergyman
Brit Hume Journalist
David Hume Philosopher
John Hume Politician
Joseph Hume Scientist
James Humes Lawyer
Johann Nepomuk Hummel Composer
Claudio Hummes Clergyman
Doris Humphrey Dancer
George M. Humphrey Lawyer
Hubert H. Humphrey Politician
Muriel Humphrey Celebrity
Barry Humphries Entertainer
Kris Humphries Athlete
Friedensreich Hundertwasser Architect
Reed Hundt Public Servant
James Huneker Writer
William Hung Entertainer
Sophie Hunger Musician
Charlie Hunnam Actor
Bonnie Hunt Actress
David Hunt Politician
E. Howard Hunt Criminal
H. L. Hunt Businessman
Helen Hunt Actress
James Hunt Driver
Jeremy Hunt Politician
Jerry Hunt Composer
Jim Hunt Politician
Lamar Hunt Entertainer
Leigh Hunt Poet
Linda Hunt Actress
Morton Hunt Writer
Nelson Bunker Hunt Businessman
Ray Lee Hunt Businessman
Rex Hunt Entertainer
Richard Morris Hunt Architect
William H. Hunt Soldier
William Morris Hunt Artist
Alberta Hunter Musician
Bill Hunter Actor
Catfish Hunter Athlete
Charlayne Hunter-Gault Journalist
Charlie Hunter Musician
Duncan Hunter Politician
Evan Hunter Author
Holly Hunter Actress
Ian Hunter Musician
Jeffrey Hunter Actor
John Hunter Musician
Kim Hunter Actress
Kristin Hunter Writer
Rachel Hunter Model
Robert Hunter Musician
Stephen Hunter Novelist
Tab Hunter Actor
Tom Hunter Businessman
Collis Potter Huntington Businessman
Ellsworth Huntington Educator
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Model
Sam Huntington Actor
Samuel P. Huntington Sociologist
Chet Huntley Journalist
Jon Huntsman, Jr. Politician
Michelle Hunziker Actress
Isabelle Huppert Actress
Douglas Hurd Politician
Gale Anne Hurd Producer
Mark V. Hurd Businessman
William Hurlbut Writer
Elizabeth Hurley Actress
Sol Hurok Musician
Fannie Hurst Writer
Ryan Hurst Actor
Zora Neale Hurston Dramatist

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