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Quotes by 'G' Authors

Author Profession
Winston Graham Novelist
Gloria Grahame Actress
Kenneth Grahame Novelist
Seth Grahame-Smith Author
Holliday Grainger Actress
Lou Gramm Musician
Phil Gramm Politician
Andy Grammer Musician
Kelsey Grammer Actor
Spencer Grammer Actress
Antonio Gramsci Politician
Ariana Grande Actress
Curtis Granderson Athlete
LZ Granderson Journalist
Temple Grandin Educator
Mary Grandpre -
Red Grange Athlete
Kay Granger Politician
Jennifer Granholm Politician
Kina Grannis Musician
Amy Grant Musician
Anne Grant Poet
Brea Grant Actress
Cary Grant Actor
Eddy Grant Musician
Heber J. Grant Clergyman
Hugh Grant Actor
Jennifer Grant Actress
Joe Grant Artist
Lee Grant Actress
Linda Grant Novelist
Peter R. Grant Scientist
Richard E. Grant Actor
Richard Grant Author
Susannah Grant Director
Ulysses S. Grant President
Jeremy Grantham Businessman
Norman Granz Musician
Gunter Grass Author
Chuck Grassley Politician
Richard Grasso Businessman
Mike Gravel Politician
Alex Graves Director
Michael Graves Architect
Morris Graves Artist
Robert Graves Novelist
Robert James Graves Scientist
Rupert Graves Actor
Wavy Gravy Activist
Alfred M. Gray Soldier
Asa Gray Scientist
Elisha Gray Inventor
Erin Gray Actress
Horace Gray Judge
James Gray Director
John Gray Author
Linda Gray Actress
Macy Gray Musician
Spalding Gray Actor
Thomas Gray Poet
William H. Gray Politician
Noah Gray-Cabey Actor
Sprague Grayden Actress
Jonathan Grayer Businessman
Ari Graynor Actress
Alan Grayson Politician
Brian Grazer Producer
Rocky Graziano Athlete
Alexander the Great Leader
Catherine the Great Royalty
Wilson Greatbatch Inventor
Jimmy Greaves Athlete
Alice Greczyn Actress
Andrew Greeley Clergyman
Horace Greeley Editor
Adam Green Director
Adolph Green Playwright
Al Green Musician
Anna Katharine Green Author
Benny Green Musician
Brian Austin Green Actor
Cee Lo Green Musician
Celia Green Author
David Green Businessman
Duff Green Politician
Eva Green Actress
Florence Green Soldier
Guy Green Politician
Jane Green Author
Joe Green Businessman
John Green Author
Julien Green Novelist
Matthew Green Poet
Philip Green Businessman
Seth Green Actor
William Green Athlete
Willie Green Athlete
Kate Greenaway Writer
Peter Greenaway Director
Alan C. Greenberg Businessman
Bryan Greenberg Actor
Daniel Greenberg Educator
Jill Greenberg Photographer
Mike Greenberg Actor
Richard Greenberg Playwright
Robert Greenblatt Businessman
Stephen Greenblatt Critic
Ashley Greene Actress
Bob Greene Journalist
Brian Greene Physicist
Ellen Greene Musician
Graham Greene Playwright
Harold H. Greene Judge
Joe Greene Athlete
Maurice Greene Athlete
Nancy Greene Athlete
Robert Greene Playwright
Jeff Greenfield Journalist
Jerry Greenfield Businessman
Lauren Greenfield Artist
Max Greenfield Actor
Meg Greenfield Editor
Paul Greengrass -
Robert K. Greenleaf Businessman
Simon Greenleaf Judge
Alan Greenspan Economist
Philip Greenspun Scientist
Scott Greenstein Businessman
Sydney Greenstreet Actor
Glenn Greenwald Journalist
Robert Greenwald Director
Bruce Greenwood Actor
Colin Greenwood Musician
Joan Greenwood Actress
Jonny Greenwood Musician
Lee Greenwood Musician
Breaux Greer Athlete
Germaine Greer Activist
Judy Greer Actress
Alan Gregg Musician
Clark Gregg Actor
John Robert Gregg Inventor
Judd Gregg Politician
Christine Gregoire Politician
Vartan Gregorian Educator
Dick Gregory Comedian
Lady Gregory Dramatist
Philippa Gregory Writer
Pope Gregory VII Clergyman
William Greider Author
Tony Greig Athlete
Lori Greiner Inventor
Stephen Grellet Clergyman
Joyce Grenfell Actress
Wilfred Grenfell Activist
Adrian Grenier Actor
Joel Gretsch Actor
Wayne Gretzky Athlete
Alex Grey Artist
Brad Grey Businessman
Edward Grey Politician
George Grey Leader
Jane Grey Royalty
Jennifer Grey Actress
Mini Grey Artist
Sasha Grey Actress
Skylar Grey Musician
Zane Grey Author
Richard Grieco Actor
Edvard Grieg Composer
David Alan Grier Comedian
Nash Grier Celebrity
Pam Grier Actress
John Grierson Director
Jon Gries Actor
Brian Griese Athlete
Gerald Griffin Author
Jimmy Griffin Musician
Kathy Griffin Comedian
Kenneth C. Griffin Businessman
Merv Griffin Entertainer
Patty Griffin Musician
Robert Griffin III Athlete
Susan Griffin Writer
Timothy Griffin Politician
W. E. B. Griffin Writer
Anastasia Griffith Actress
Andy Griffith Actor
Bill Griffith Cartoonist
D. W. Griffith Director
Gattlin Griffith Actor
Melanie Griffith Actress
Nanci Griffith Musician
Nicola Griffith -
Saul Griffith Inventor
Thomas Griffith Editor
Thomas Ian Griffith Actor
Bede Griffiths Clergyman
Jay Griffiths Author
Lucy Griffiths Actress
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