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Quotes by 'F' Authors

Author Profession
Robert Fulghum Author
Alexandra Fuller Author
Drew Fuller Actor
J. F. C. Fuller Soldier
John Fuller Poet
Margaret Fuller Critic
R. Buckminster Fuller Inventor
Samuel Fuller Director
Thomas Fuller Clergyman
Melissa Fumero Actress
John Fund -
Annette Funicello Actress
Aaron Funk Musician
Nolan Gerard Funk Actor
Cornelia Funke Author
Allen Funt Celebrity
Antoine Fuqua Director
Sia Furler Musician
Edward Furlong Actor
Deborra-Lee Furness Actress
Alan Furst Author
Stephen Furst Actor
Diane von Furstenberg Designer
Hani Furstenberg Actress
Nelly Furtado Musician
Billy Fury Musician
Henry Fuseli Artist
Paul Fussell Historian
Curtis Jackson Musician
Frederick the Great Royalty

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