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Quotes by 'C' Authors

Author Profession
Paul Cullen Clergyman
Peter Cullen Actor
Tom Cullen Actor
Jamie Cullum Musician
John Cullum Actor
Robert Culp Actor
Nicholas Culpeper Scientist
Benedict Cumberbatch Actor
Alan Cumming Actor
Charles Cumming Writer
Burton Cummings Musician
Elijah Cummings Politician
Erin Cummings Actress
Jim Cummings Actor
Whitney Cummings Comedian
David Cunliffe Politician
Bill Cunningham Photographer
Colin Cunningham Actor
Imogen Cunningham Photographer
Kenny Cunningham Athlete
Merce Cunningham Dancer
Michael Cunningham Writer
Kaley Cuoco Actress
Andrew Cuomo Politician
Chris Cuomo Journalist
Mario Cuomo Politician
Will Cuppy Writer
Mike Curb Musician
Marie Curie Scientist
Pierre Curie Scientist
Brittany Curran Actress
John Philpot Curran Public Servant
Tony Curran Actor
Tom Curren Musician
Ann Curry Journalist
Tim Curry Actor
Valorie Curry Actress
Jane Curtin Actress
John Curtin Statesman
Catie Curtis Musician
Charles Curtis Vice President
Charlotte Curtis Journalist
Cliff Curtis Actor
Drew Curtis Businessman
George William Curtis Author
Jamie Lee Curtis Actress
Ken Curtis Actor
Richard Curtis Writer
Tony Curtis Actor
Michael Curtiz Director
Cyril Cusack Actor
Joan Cusack Actress
John Cusack Actor
Carlton Cuse Producer
Caleb Cushing Diplomat
Harvey Cushing Scientist
Peter Cushing Actor
Henry Ian Cusick Actor
Rachel Cusk Novelist
Clive Cussler Writer
George Armstrong Custer Soldier
Marquis De Custine Author
Betty Cuthbert Athlete
Elisha Cuthbert Actress
Jay Cutler Athlete
Jessica Cutler Author
Lloyd Cutler Lawyer
Kelly Cutrone Author
Stephanie Cutter Businesswoman
Georges Cuvier Scientist
Billy Ray Cyrus Musician
Miley Cyrus Musician
Henry Czerny Actor
Leon Czolgosz Criminal
Matt Czuchry Actor
Cedric the Entertainer Comedian
Louis C. K. Comedian
Charlene, Princess of Monaco Royalty
Chance The Rapper Musician
e. e. cummings Poet
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