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Quotes by 'C' Authors

Author Profession
Henry Steele Commager Historian
Tim Commerford Musician
Common Musician
Barry Commoner Scientist
Anna Comnena Author
Perry Como Musician
Martin Compston Actor
Arthur H. Compton Scientist
Arthur Holly Compton Scientist
Ivy Compton-Burnett Novelist
Anthony Comstock Politician
Barbara Comstock Politician
Auguste Comte Sociologist
Barber Conable Politician
Douglas Conant Businessman
James Bryant Conant Scientist
Joe Conason Journalist
Jeff Conaway Actor
Mike Conaway Politician
Ally Condie Novelist
Phil Condit Businessman
George Condo Artist
Bill Condon Director
Eddie Condon Musician
Kerry Condon Actress
Marquis de Condorcet Philosopher
David Cone Athlete
Fairfax Cone Businessman
James Hal Cone Theologian
Confucius Philosopher
William Congreve Poet
Robert Conklin Educator
Roscoe Conkling Politician
Chip Conley Businessman
Michaela Conlin Actress
Didi Conn Actress
Shelley Conn Actress
John Connally Politician
Jennifer Connelly Actress
Michael Connelly Author
Bruce Conner Sculptor
Dennis Conner Athlete
Sean Connery Actor
Harry Connick, Jr. Musician
Ray Conniff Musician
Billy Connolly Comedian
Cyril Connolly Journalist
James Connolly Politician
John Connolly Writer
Kevin Connolly Actor
Chuck Connors Actor
Jimmy Connors Athlete
Stompin' Tom Connors Musician
Robert Conquest Historian
Joseph Conrad Novelist
Kent Conrad Politician
Lauren Conrad Designer
Paul Conrad Cartoonist
Pete Conrad Astronaut
Peter Conrad -
Robert Conrad Director
Tony Conrad Artist
Shirley Conran Journalist
Frances Conroy Actress
Kevin Conroy Actor
Pat Conroy Writer
Paul Conroy Businessman
Bob Considine Journalist
Paddy Considine Actor
Henry Constable Poet
John Constable Artist
Mark Consuelos Actor
Bill Conti Director
Nina Conti Actress
Tom Conti Actor
Matthew Continetti Journalist
Nazneen Contractor Actress
Ron Conway Businessman
Tim Conway Actor
Tom Conway Actor
John Conyers Politician
Keith Coogan Actor
Steve Coogan Comedian
Ryan Coogler Director
A. J. Cook Actress
Barbara Cook Musician
Dane Cook Comedian
David Cook Musician
Eliza Cook Poet
Frederick Albert Cook Explorer
James Cook Explorer
Joseph Cook Politician
Mason Cook Actor
Norman Cook Musician
Peter Cook Writer
Rachael Leigh Cook Actress
Robert A. Cook Educator
Robin Cook Politician
Scott Cook Businessman
Tim Cook Businessman
Alistair Cooke Journalist
Christian Cooke Actor
Jack Kent Cooke Businessman
Jay Cooke Businessman
Josh Cooke Actor
Sam Cooke Musician
Tre Cool Musician
Charles Horton Cooley Sociologist
Mason Cooley Writer
Calvin Coolidge President
Jennifer Coolidge Actress
John Coolidge Celebrity
Rita Coolidge Musician
Coolio Musician
Caroline B. Cooney Writer
Gerry Cooney Athlete
Joan Ganz Cooney Producer
Chris Coons Politician
Alice Cooper Musician
Anderson Cooper Journalist
Anna Julia Cooper Educator
Bradley Cooper Actor
Chris Cooper Actor
Colin Cooper Athlete
Diana Cooper Celebrity
Dominic Cooper Actor
Don Cooper Athlete
Gary Cooper Actor
Gordon Cooper Astronaut
Jackie Cooper Actor
James F. Cooper Novelist
James Fenimore Cooper Writer
Jeanne Cooper Actress
Jeff Cooper Celebrity
Jilly Cooper Author
Jim Cooper Politician
John Sherman Cooper Politician
Kenneth H. Cooper Soldier
Matthew Cooper Journalist
Michael Cooper Athlete
Peter Cooper Inventor
Ron Cooper Artist
Tommy Cooper Comedian
Pete Coors Businessman
Robert Coover Author
Amber Cope Driver
Jean-Francois Cope Politician
Julian Cope Musician
Wendy Cope Poet
Bill Copeland Athlete
Stewart Copeland Musician
Nicolaus Copernicus Scientist
Aaron Copland Composer
Sharlto Copley Actor
David Copperfield Entertainer
Alicia Coppola Actress
Francis Ford Coppola Director
Roman Coppola Director
Sofia Coppola Director
Cat Cora Chef
Tom Cora Musician
Michael Corbat Businessman
Brady Corbet Actor
James J. Corbett Athlete
John Corbett Actor
Ronnie Corbett Comedian
Anton Corbijn Director
Barry Corbin Actor
Le Corbusier Architect
Piers Corbyn Scientist
Barbara Corcoran Businesswoman
Nate Corddry Actor
Rob Corddry Comedian
James Corden Actor
Salvatore J. Cordileone Clergyman
El Cordobes Athlete
Chick Corea Musician
Marie Corelli Novelist
Alan Coren Writer
Irwin Corey Actor
Billy Corgan Musician
John Corigliano Composer
Emayatzy Corinealdi Actress
Bob Corker Politician
Richard Corliss Writer
Roger Corman Producer
Robert Cormier Author
Pierre Corneille Dramatist
Don Cornelius Director
Chris Cornell Musician
Eric Allin Cornell Physicist
Ezra Cornell Businessman
Mick Cornett Politician
F. M. Cornford Poet
Frances Cornford Poet
Abbie Cornish Actress
Joe Cornish Comedian
Bernard Cornwell Novelist
Patricia Cornwell Writer
John Cornyn Politician

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