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Quotes by 'C' Authors

Author Profession
Kim Coates Actor
Dan Coats Politician
Frances Bean Cobain Celebrity
Kurt Cobain Musician
Abbie Cobb Actress
Irvin S. Cobb Journalist
Lee J. Cobb Actor
Ty Cobb Athlete
Frances Power Cobbe Writer
William Cobbett Politician
Bill Cobbs Actor
Richard Cobden Businessman
Harlan Coben Author
Howard Coble Politician
James Coburn Actor
Tom Coburn Politician
Imogene Coca Actress
Jacqueline Cochran Aviator
Johnnie Cochran Lawyer
Thad Cochran Politician
Mickey Cochrane Athlete
Rory Cochrane Actor
Thomas Cochrane Politician
Tom Cochrane Musician
Alexander Cockburn Journalist
Bruce Cockburn Musician
Claud Cockburn Journalist
Leslie Cockburn Writer
Edward Cocker Author
Jarvis Cocker Musician
Joe Cocker Musician
James Coco Actor
Jean Cocteau Director
Richard J. Codey Politician
Diablo Cody Writer
David Allan Coe Musician
Jonathan Coe Novelist
Sebastian Coe Politician
Paulo Coelho Novelist
Ethan Coen Director
Joel Coen Director
J. M. Coetzee Author
Claire Coffee Actress
Paul Coffey Athlete
Tabatha Coffey Celebrity
Harold Coffin Writer
William Sloane Coffin Clergyman
George M. Cohan Actor
Lauren Cohan Actress
William D. Cohan Author
Alan Cohen Businessman
Andrew Cohen Writer
Andy Cohen Producer
Benjamin Cohen Journalist
Bram Cohen Scientist
Emory Cohen Actor
Jeff Cohen Actor
Larry Cohen Director
Leonard Cohen Musician
Lynn Cohen Actress
Lyor Cohen Businessman
Mickey Cohen Criminal
Morris Raphael Cohen Philosopher
Randy Cohen Writer
Rich Cohen Writer
Rob Cohen Director
Sacha Baron Cohen Comedian
Sasha Cohen Athlete
Scott Cohen Actor
Stanley Cohen Scientist
Stephen Cohen Educator
Steven A. Cohen Businessman
William S. Cohen Politician
Matt Cohler Businessman
Arthur Cohn Producer
Gary Cohn Businessman
Mindy Cohn Actress
Rachel Cohn Author
Roy Cohn Lawyer
Steven Cojocaru Critic
Edward Coke Businessman
Bob Colacello Writer
Paul Downs Colaizzo Playwright
Enrico Colantoni Actor
Claudette Colbert Actress
Stephen Colbert Comedian
Bainbridge Colby Public Servant
Frank Moore Colby Educator
William Colby Public Servant
Cheryl Cole Musician
Edwin Louis Cole Author
Gary Cole Actor
George Cole Actor
Henry Cole Public Servant
J. Cole Musician
Jim Cole Musician
Juan Cole Educator
Julie Dawn Cole Actress
Kresley Cole Novelist
Lester Cole Writer
Lily Cole Actress
Nat King Cole Musician
Natalie Cole Musician
Nigel Cole Director
Paula Cole Musician
Taylor Cole Actress
Teju Cole Writer
Thomas Cole Artist
Tom Cole Politician
Bessie Coleman Aviator
Chad Coleman Actor
Cy Coleman Composer
Dabney Coleman Actor
David Coleman Journalist
Elizabeth Coleman Educator
Gary Coleman Actor
Jack Coleman Actor
James S. Coleman Sociologist
Jenna-Louise Coleman Actress
Jerry Coleman Athlete
Jim Coleman Actor
John Coleman Businessman
Jonathan Coleman Writer
Monique Coleman Actress
Norm Coleman Politician
Ornette Coleman Musician
Dan Colen Artist
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge Novelist
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poet
Sara Coleridge Author
Sidonie Gabrielle Colette Novelist
Schuyler Colfax Politician
Chris Colfer Actor
Eoin Colfer Author
Tom Colicchio Chef
Phil Collen Musician
Toni Collette Actress
Stephen Colletti Actor
Jeremy Collier Clergyman
Robert Collier Author
Robin G. Collingwood Philosopher
Anthony Collins Philosopher
Arthur Collins Musician
Billy Collins Poet
Bootsy Collins Musician
Clifton Collins, Jr. Actor
Doug Collins Athlete
Francis Collins Scientist
Gail Collins Journalist
Jackie Collins Author
James C. Collins Businessman
James Collins Athlete
Jessica Collins Actress
Joan Collins Actress
John Churton Collins Critic
Judy Collins Musician
Kim Collins Athlete
Lily Collins Actress
Lynn Collins Actress
Michael Collins Leader
Misha Collins Actor
Patricia Hill Collins Educator
Pauline Collins Actress
Phil Collins Musician
Stephen Collins Actor
Susan Collins Politician
Suzanne Collins Novelist
Wilkie Collins Novelist
William Collins Poet
John Collison Businessman
Patrick Collison Businessman
Silvia Colloca Actress
Carlo Collodi Writer
George Colman Dramatist
Olivia Colman Actress
Ronald Colman Actor
Alan Colmes Journalist
Barbara Coloroso Author
Charles Colson Lawyer
Jessi Colter Musician
Charles Caleb Colton Writer
Robbie Coltraine Actor
John Coltrane Musician
Robbie Coltrane Actor
Chris Columbus Director
Christopher Columbus Explorer
Marie Colvin Journalist
Shawn Colvin Artist
Laurie Colwin Author
Nadia Comaneci Athlete
George Combe Educator
Earle Combs Athlete
Holly Marie Combs Actress
Jeffrey Combs Actor
Ray Combs Comedian
Betty Comden Comedian
John Comenius Educator
James Comey Public Servant
Alex Comfort Author
Ray Comfort Clergyman

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