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Birthdays on July 25

Author Profession Birth Year
Mason Cook Actor 2000
Michael Welch Actor 1987
James Lafferty Actor 1985
Shantel VanSanten Actress 1985
Brad Renfro Actor 1982
Louise Brown Celebrity 1978
Jon Crosby Musician 1976
Jay R. Ferguson Actor 1974
Tony Vincent Actor 1973
Wendy Raquel Robinson Actress 1967
Christine Quinn Politician 1966
Illeana Douglas Actress 1965
Geoffrey Zakarian Chef 1959
Thurston Moore Musician 1958
Louis Bacon Businessman 1956
Walter Payton Athlete 1954
Don Ellis Musician 1934
Julian Robertson Businessman 1932
Maureen Forrester Musician 1930
Frank Church Politician 1924
Estelle Getty Actress 1923
Paul Watzlawick Psychologist 1921
Elias Canetti Author 1905
Eric Hoffer Writer 1902
Gavrilo Princip Revolutionary 1894
Walter Brennan Actor 1894
Morris Raphael Cohen Philosopher 1880
Maxfield Parrish Artist 1870
David Belasco Playwright 1853
Arthur Balfour Statesman 1848
Thomas Eakins Artist 1844
Anna Harrison First Lady 1775
Henry Knox Soldier 1750

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