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Quotes by 'B' Authors

Author Profession
Cliff Burton Musician
Dan Burton Politician
Gary Burton Musician
Kate Burton Actress
Lance Burton Entertainer
LeVar Burton Actor
Richard Burton Actor
Richard Francis Burton Explorer
Robert Burton Writer
Ron D. Burton Businessman
Sarah Burton Designer
Steve Burton Actor
Tim Burton Director
Edward Burtynsky Photographer
Carter Burwell Composer
Cindy Busby Actress
Francine Busby -
Leo Buscaglia Author
Steve Buscemi Actor
Kurt Busch Driver
Wilhelm Busch Artist
Gary Busey Actor
Jake Busey Actor
Barbara Bush First Lady
Billy Bush Entertainer
Columba Bush Celebrity
George H. W. Bush President
George W. Bush President
Jeb Bush Politician
Jenna Bush Celebrity
Kate Bush Musician
Kristian Bush Musician
Laura Bush First Lady
Lauren Bush Model
Prescott Bush Politician
Reggie Bush Athlete
Sophia Bush Actress
Vannevar Bush Scientist
Candace Bushnell Writer
Nolan Bushnell Businessman
Kofi Busia Statesman
Kurt Busiek Writer
Carmen Busquets Businesswoman
Jerry Buss Businessman
Mike Butcher -
Paul Butcher Actor
Mangosuthu Buthelezi Leader
Dick Butkus Athlete
Amir Butler Author
Austin Butler Actor
Dan Butler Actor
Edward B. Butler Businessman
Frank Butler Journalist
Geezer Butler Musician
Gerard Butler Actor
Joseph Butler Clergyman
Judith Butler Philosopher
Nicholas M. Butler Philosopher
Octavia Butler Writer
R. A. Butler Politician
Samuel Butler Poet
Smedley Butler Soldier
William Allen Butler Lawyer
Yancy Butler Actress
Isaac Butt Politician
G. K. Butterfield Politician
Paul Butterfield Musician
Eric Butterworth Educator
Jez Butterworth Dramatist
Rocco Buttiglione Politician
Dick Button Athlete
Jenson Button Athlete
Red Buttons Comedian
Earl Butz Public Servant
Norbert Leo Butz Actor
Charles Buxton Public Servant
Steve Buyer Politician
Tony Buzan Author
Nathaniel Buzolic Actor
Dino Buzzati Novelist
Ruth Buzzi Actress
Don Byas Musician
A. S. Byatt Novelist
Amanda Bynes Actress
John Byng Soldier
Charlie Byrd Musician
Dan Byrd Actor
Donald Byrd Musician
Harry F. Byrd Politician
Richard E. Byrd Explorer
Robert Byrd Politician
David Byrne Musician
Gabriel Byrne Actor
Jane Byrne Politician
John Byrne Author
Rhonda Byrne Writer
Robert Byrne Celebrity
Rose Byrne Actress
James F. Byrnes Politician
George Byron Poet
Henry James Byron Dramatist
Lord Byron Poet
Susan Bysiewicz Public Servant
Bernard of Clairvaux Clergyman
Astrid Berges-Frisbey Actress
Ron Ben-Israel Chef
Bat for Lashes Musician
Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton Politician
Thomas Babington Macaulay Poet
John Bradley-West Actor
Margaret Bourke-White Photographer
Lee Byung-hun Actor

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