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Quotes by 'M' Authors

Author Profession
M. Emmet Walsh Actor
M. Esther Harding Psychologist
M. J. Rose Author
Mackenzie Crook Actor
Macy Gray Musician
Madeleine Peyroux Musician
Madison Pettis Actress
Magdalena Frackowiak Model
Magnus Magnusson Journalist
Mainbocher Designer
Mal Peet Author
Manal al-Sharif Activist
Manish Dayal Actor
Mara Brock Akil Writer
Marc Antony Politician
Marc Racicot Politician
Marc-Andre Grondin Actor
Marcello Giordani Musician
Margaret Beckett Politician
Margaret Carlson Journalist
Margaret Forster Author
Margaret Keane Artist
Margaret Millar Writer
Margaret Murray Scientist
Margaret Truman Novelist
Margaret Wertheim Writer
Margaux Hemingway Actress
Maria de Villota Celebrity
Maria Schell Actress
Mariam Naficy Businesswoman
Marian Burros Author
Marina Sirtis Actress
Mario Benedetti Novelist
Mario Van Peebles Director
Mario Vazquez Musician
Marion Bartoli Athlete
Marisha Pessl Writer
Mark Billingham Novelist
Mark Bridges Designer
Mark Canton Producer
Mark Carwardine Scientist
Mark Dacascos Actor
Mark de Mori Athlete
Mark Edwards Celebrity
Mark Kirk Politician
Mark Leyner Author
Mark Lloyd Public Servant
Mark Mobius Businessman
Mark Neumann Politician
Mark Roth Scientist
Mark Teixeira Athlete
Mark Vonnegut Author
Mark Warkentin Athlete
Mark Z. Danielewski Author
Markie Post Actress
Marquis De Custine Author
Marsha Mason Actress
Marshall Brickman Writer
Martha MacIsaac Actress
Martin Frost Politician
Martin Lel Athlete
Martin Millar Writer
Martin Puryear Sculptor
Martin Ryle Scientist
Martin Villeneuve Director
Martti Ahtisaari Politician
Mary Augusta Ward Novelist
Mary Beth Whitehead Celebrity
Mary Callahan Erdoes Businesswoman
Mary Crosby Actress
Mary Doria Russell Writer
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Actress
Mary Gaitskill Novelist
Mary Pipher Psychologist
Masashi Kishimoto Artist
Mathew Brady Photographer
Mathieu Kassovitz Director
Mathieu Kerekou Politician
Matt Czuchry Actor
Matt Emmons Athlete
Matt Nagle Scientist
Matt Robinson Actor
Matt Ross Actor
Matteo Renzi Politician
Matthew Nable Actor
Matthew Settle Actor
Matthew Shipp Musician
Maureen Chiquet Businesswoman
Maureen McCormick Actress
Maureen Murphy Politician
Maurice Blanchot Writer
Maurice Denis Artist
Max Azria Designer
Max Beesley Actor
Max Carver Actor
Max Euwe Celebrity
Max Hastings Journalist
Max Minghella Actor
Max Thieriot Actor
Maxwell Caulfield Actor
May-Britt Moser Psychologist
Maya Beiser Musician
McG Director
Meg Myers Musician
Megan Abbott Author
Megan Boone Actress
Megan McCafferty Author
Megan Park Actress
Mel Smith Actor
Melanie Roach Athlete
Melissa Auf der Maur Musician
Melissa De Sousa Actress
Melissa McBride Actress
Melissa Ordway Actress
Melissa Rivers Actress
Melissa Sue Anderson Actress
Melonie Diaz Actress
Melvil Dewey Inventor
Melville Fuller Judge
Melvin Maddocks Author
Meredith Ostrom Actress
Meredith Salenger Actress
Meredith Vieira Journalist
Meta Golding Actress
Michael Angarano Actor
Michael Bennett -
Michael Berryman Actor
Michael Cooper Athlete
Michael Crapo Politician
Michael Dirda Critic
Michael Emerson Actor
Michael Feldman Entertainer
Michael Giles Musician
Michael Greger Author
Michael Jeffery Politician
Michael Johns Politician
Michael Kelly Actor
Michael Madsen Actor
Michael Mayer Director
Michael Merzenich Scientist
Michael Moschen Entertainer
Michael Palmer Novelist
Michael Ramsey Clergyman
Michael Reed Celebrity
Michael Richards Actor
Michael Ritchie Director
Michael Sata Politician
Michael Schultz Director
Michael Smith Scientist
Michael Todd Producer
Michael Trucco Actor
Michael Urie Actor
Michael Vartan Actor
Michel Legrand Composer
Michelle Gagnon Novelist
Michelle Hunziker Actress
Michelle Magorian Author
Michelle Phan Businesswoman
Michiel Huisman Actor
Mick Ebeling Producer
Mick Mulvaney Politician
Mick Rock Photographer
Mick Ronson Musician
Mike Colter Actor
Mike Curb Musician
Mike D Musician
Mike Marsh Athlete
Mike McCarthy Coach
Mike Nesbitt Politician
Mike Newell Director
Mike Ross Politician
Mike Scully Writer
Mike Thompson Politician
Mike Tice Coach
Mike Turner Politician
Mimi Rogers Actress
Min-sik Choi Actor
Minnesota Fats Celebrity
Miranda Leek Athlete
Miranda Otto Actress
Miru Kim Artist
Mischa Barton Actress
Mitch Landrieu Politician
Mitch Lasky Businessman
Mitch Pileggi Actor
Mitchell Hurwitz Writer
Mitchell Joachim Architect
Mohammad Hamid Ansari Politician
Mohammed VI of Morocco Royalty
Molly Shannon Actress
Mona Singh Actress
Mona Sutphen Public Servant
Monique Coleman Actress
Moon Bloodgood Actress
Moran Atias Actress
Morgan Saylor Actress
Morgan Spurlock Director
MyAnna Buring Actress
Myriam Miedzian Actress
Myrtle Reed Author
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